A great week to end on

Through the week Year 5 have had a visit from a creature from another planet.


To begin, children created a body for this alien creature made from recycled materials.

To give the creature a voice, children researched the planets of our solar system and wrote a script to record. Children have been working hard to edit their recordings into a voice fit for an alien.


Well done on a brilliant half-term Year 5. Thank you to all the children for their efforts in the classroom and thank you to all the support they receive at home.

Have a fantastic half term (and maybe take some time to work on your space project)!

Mr Rolison

An ‘incredible’ way to end the first half term

After another busy week in Year One we decided to spend the afternoon having some down time. After performing our song “This little light of my mine’ to the whole school this morning in celebration of Black History Month the children voted for the film they would like to watch which was The Incredibles.

The reward afternoon was won after six weeks of brilliant behaviour, huge changes in attitudes to learning and a lot of hard work. The children have transitioned beautifully to life in Year One and I hope this continues into the next half term.

Here are the children enjoying their hot chocolate and popcorn

Thank you for all your support this half term. I hope you have a well rested and enjoyable week.

Many thanks
Miss Corkerry

Superstars – Friday 19th October 2018

Well done to all our Superstars this week – the last ones of the half term!

Clara – for great reasoning using PSED
Mikey – for beginning to hear initial sounds when writing

Year 1
Bartosz – for fantastic writing and a brilliant attitude to learning
Grace H – for persistence and resilience in maths this week with great results

Year 2
Jack C – for showing an eagerness for learning
Azal – for an increased focus, resulting in brilliant work

Year 3
Patrick – for making a real effort with his work
Livia – for helping others with their work and showing kindness

Year 4
Esme – for being resilient on our trip and having a go at everything
Aden – for being a good role model and having a good football tournament

Year 5
Ethan – for experimenting with many techniques when constructing in Design and Technology
Rebecca – for showing excellent perseverance when construction was difficult and things didn’t go to plan

Year 6
Year 6’s Superstars will be awarded after half-term as they were out at St Thomas More this morning.

Well done also to our children from Year 2 who were the class with the highest attendance of 99% last week.

Time for a rest!

We have begun Year 4 with a busy first half term! It has been a pleasure getting to know the class and watch them step up to Year 4. They have enjoyed two trips out of school already this year, and have been fantastic examples of our school on both occasions.

This week we showcased our work on Black History Month in  assembly. We focused on the inspirational Michelle Obama who uses her status to promote education to all, including those who might not usually access it. The children chose a quote that meant a lot to them and we created an Adobe Spark clip- each group chose their quote, images of words and rehearsed speaking together, which they loved!

Have a lovely half term!

Kurling League Table

After two weeks of the Kurling league, this is how the table is shaping up:

There are still a couple of players yet to play a league game – so it’s very much wide open!

Art Work

Year 1 and 2 pupils have enjoyed this half terms Art Class designing their own door sign. They used tissue paper and glue to make a stained glass window sign.

WOW! What a day!

Year Four showed of their skills of teamwork, bravery and resilience today as they took on Rock UK. They were brilliantly behaved and represented the school well but more than this they were courageous and persistent when things got difficult.

They started off the morning with open canoeing down a natural river, the strong winds and constant rain didn’t make it easy but the children kept trying and worked together to get their boats moving as well as playing games which at one point included jumping inside the canoe but managed to stay afloat. It was in a simple game of boat-ball where anarchy descended and with two boats capsized, nine sodden children and a pair of wellies at the bottom of the river it was time to call it quits and head in to warm ourselves up and feed some very hungry children.

The afternoon came with a change of plan. The high winds and now heavy rain meant we could not use the outdoor climbing wall. However the children still took to dizzying heights as they took on the indoor walls with increasing difficulty. The children all harnessed up and got stuck in, they kept going and even when at times they missed a ledge or couldn’t reach, the sheer volume of their friends coaching them and cheering them on, saw them all succeed.

It was an absolute pleasure to be with the children today, their teamwork, resilience and support of one another really stood out, with the staff commenting on how well they worked as a team. Every single child gave it a go and even though at times they were scared they persevered. No wallflowers here. Well done Year Four – A wonderful day!

Rock UK

Reminder that Year 4 are going to Rock UK Outdoor Adventure Centre tomorrow. We will be leaving school at 8.10am and will return at 4.20pm. Please can children wear old clothes as well as bringing a spare set of clothes; they will also need to bring a towel with them. Lunch will be provided.

Please pass this on to any Year 4 parents who may not have seen the reminder.

Many thanks and we hope that they have a great day!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks…

Year four have had a hectic, but fun, couple of weeks! We planned an experiment to find out which drinks cause the most damage to our teeth- ask us for the results! We wrote up the experiment considering the process of organising an experiment as we went along.

On National Poetry Day we took part in BBC Live Lesson, hosted by the performance poet, Joseph Coelho. We had to think of similes and metaphors, along with many other classes across teh country,  to contribute to a poem created during the lesson.

We have been learning how to pray the Rosary in this special month of October.

And we were lucky enough to be treated to cakes and desserts on Tuesday!

Phew… we are looking forward to our last week of the half term.

Thank you to all parents who attended parents’ evening- it was great to meet you all.

Mrs McDevitt