Snow Dome visit

We had a great day at the Snow Dome today, playing in the snow, watching Santa and visiting the animals. The children were all very well behaved and really enjoyed themselves.  Thank you to all our helpers, we really could not provide the experiences without your support.  I have added some photographs of the day below.




Thank you

A big thank you again for your donations for Children in Need.  The children  had a great day and enjoyed their picnic.  We would like to say thank you to our year six prayer friends who came down to help us complete some of the activities.  

This week we are going to be thinking about what we are good at and then writing a sentence about it.  In mathematics we are going to be exploring shape and patterns, using objects and shapes to make patterns and build models.

If anyone has any buttons or sequins they no longer need we would be grateful of  them for our craft area,  thank you.

b or d ?

We have been practising our phonemes again this week. We have been focussing on ‘b’ and ‘d’ because they are tricky to recognise.

Some of us are getting very clever at writing.

We are continuing with our R Time programme, this is showing us good manners, how to work with others and how to think about another persons point of view. We do like the sessions because they are fun.

Reception will be taking part in the Children in Need day with the rest of the school.  We are having a wear spots to school theme, the spots can be on clothes or painted on faces.  We are asking the reception children to bring a teddy to school and we are going to have a teddy bears picnic (indoors) during the afternoon.

We would be grateful if anyone has any baby doll clothes that are no longer needed, our baby doll is little bit cold!

Festival Fireworks

This week we have been finding out about Guy Fawkes and Diwali.  Both involve celebrating with fireworks.  We made firework pictures and recorded ourselves making firework noises.  We also watched firework safety videos about how to keep safe at a bonfire party.  We hope that the children put this to good use and stayed safe, whilst enjoying the firework parties.

We also have been exploring rhyme.  The children were very good at finding the rhyming words in our stories and rhymes.  We are now working on completing rhyming strings.

Thank you for your £1 donations, we have bought a box of Ferby crayons, they make all the difference when the children are colouring their work.

In the week ahead we will be counting out objects and naming them as we count, learning about what we need to do to write a sentence and thinking about how to look after others.


Meeting cancelled.

The parent information meeting that was due to take place this Thursday has unfortunately been cancelled, due to a lack of interest.  If you were one of the parents who  did have a concern, one of our members of trained staff would be more than happy to meet with you and talk through your worries.  Sometimes just sharing helps you to see a way to solve a problem.  Please talk to Ms Croarken or Mrs McCloskey if you would like an appointment.

Oh no! It’s that time of year.

It is really early to be thinking the Christmas word but we have to think ahead.  We have given the children lines for the Christmas play to practise over the holidays.  It will really help if you can practise these with you child because some children do have a lot of words to learn.

We are very pleased with how far the children have come in just one half term, they have worked so hard.  We have a lot to look forward to when we come back, one of them being the Christmas Nativity Play, but also a trip out to the Snowdome to see Father Christmas.

We hope you have a lovely half term break and we look forward to the term ahead.

Below are a few photographs of our week,exploring our senses and looking at patterns.

Autumn in the Park

We had a beautiful day in the park looking at God’s wonderful world. The children were excited to spot all the different colours and patterns around them. They were all well behaved and enjoyed having a morning out and sharing milk and fruit in the outdoors.

Pictures of our busy week

We started our week baking cakes.  Ms Croarken made Kippers’ cake with baked beans , jam, sugar, cornflakes and milk.  It was not good!  Mrs Jilks made us a proper cake and we ate it at snack time, it tasted much better!

We also explored our sense of taste and of touch.

We went outside to collect some of the things in the natural world that God made.  We used these to make our own pictures of flowers and animals.

Thank you

A big thank you for the generous gifts you sent for our Cafod collection.  We were very grateful and talked to the children about where your tins and packets are going and who they were going to help.

Thank you for all the parents who are donating to our Reception fund.  It helped towards the cake making and food tasting this week.  The children will be able to talk to you about one of the things we have bought with the money next week.

Next week we are going to visit the Memorial Park.  The visit is to look at the changing seasons and the wonderful world God made.  If it is raining we will re arrange the visit for another day.