All Souls Netball Team

A disappointing loss today against a very good team. It was neck and neck throughout the whole game but as the fourth quarter came the team were tired and struggling to make those crucial passes. Going into the final quarter we were 1 up with the score 5-4 however Holy Family fought hard and scored 4 goals in 6 minutes!

A great, tough game and despite the slippery conditions both teams played well.

Well done to James who was voted man of the match. Thank you to all the parents and families who supported today.

Can all kits be brought back in tomorrow please.

Working together.

Last week we contributed to a whole school display to commemorate the centenary of the end of WWI. We enjoyed painting the poppies, and think you will agree, that the display in the foyer is beautiful.



Continuing with our topic on Italy, we learnt about the features of mountains, how animals adapt to live on them, and why humans have chosen to live on them during the past centuries. We looked at Mont Blanc in Italy. Google Earth has given us the chance to look at some of these far off places, so that we can appreciate these arduous terrains.



We are thoroughly enjoying the Engage programme in Year 4, where we are perfecting our rugby skills and learning how to work together and show respect, which is particularly poignant this week as it’s Anti-Bullying Week. We’re now looking forward to Children in Need day, on Friday, when we will be arriving into school in our ‘spotty’ attire!

Y1 and Y2 Cinema Trip Reminder

On Monday 12th, Year 1 and Year 2 are walking to the Odeon Cinema.

The children should come to school in their school uniform as normal. We ask that all children arrive at school at 8:30am as we will need to leave at 8:45am prompt. We will be back in time for lunchtime. We will provide the children with a small bag of sweets to enjoy at the cinema.


Superstars – Friday 9th November 2018

Well done to all our Superstars this week!

Joachim – for good understanding in RE
Jamie – for good understanding in RE

Year 1
Rosie – for having huge amounts of confidence in herself in maths this week
Lilah – for coming back after a week off and wowing us with her attitude to learning

Year 2
Grace – for good listening on the carpet and her fantastic contributions to class discussion
Jarvis – for great listening, resulting in good work in Maths and English

Year 3
Catherine – for working really hard throughout the week
Jackson – for working really hard throughout the week

Year 4
Taya – for fantastic resilience in Maths and trying hard during lessons
Daniel T – for having a good attitude to learning this week and bringing a smile each day

Year 5 were out on a trip to the IMAX cinema – so their superstars will roll over to next week

Year 6
Aaron – for a super effort when comparing the lives of children in El Salvador in Geography
Luke – for applying logic and perseverance when deciphering WW2 secret codes in History

Well done also to our children from Year 6 who were the class with the highest attendance of 99.3% last week.

An investigative kind of week!

This week, Year 6 have been busy investigating in Maths and Science, writing poetry in English and praying for all Saints and Souls on their feast days.


In Maths, we have been investigating the relationships between the radius and diameter of a circle and the diameter and circumference of a circle.

We found that the diameter of a circle always measures double the radius (and the radius always measures half the diameter) but found it a little trickier to see the relationship between the diameter and circumference. First, we had to figure out how to measure the circumference of a circle in the most accurate way as it turns out rulers just aren’t that bendy! When we finally decided that using string was the best way, we got down to measuring each part of different sized circles.

We could see that the circumference of a circle was more than 3 x the diameter but less than 4 x diameter. So we tried multiplying by 3.5 but that was still too much. Finally, Mrs Hartwell gave in and showed  the number we have to multiply the diameter by to find the circumference and Year 6 were shocked!

It begins like this:


but goes on and on and on and on and on …

To read the first million digits for yourself, prepare to be amazed and check out this website:

It was much easier when we knew that we could use 3.14 (2dp) to find out a close estimate instead!


In Science, we were trying to answer the learning question: How do mirrors enable us to see objects that are behind us?

We set up a similar demonstration to last lesson which showed that light travels in straight lines but then added a mirror. Ask us what happened and why!


In English, we put our new poetry skills to the test as we began writing our own Remembrance poems in preparation for the Memorial Service we will be attending next week.

So much effort and thought went into every word within the poems and they really are very special. Here are the two chosen to be read during the service itself:

We Commemorate These Heroic People

On the 11th of November,

We solemnly remember,

Those who suffered in World War One,

And those special people now gone.

Lots of poppies are shared and sold,

Heroes are honoured for being so bold.

We commemorate these heroic people.


There in the fields people did die,

But in our hearts they live with thy.

Those selfless people who fought for our world,

Will not rest with their stories untold.

In the fields the poppies grew.

In the fields the wind blew.

We commemorate these heroic people.


Families were broken up,

With no one there to give them a hug.

Today we offer them a warm smile,

And remember them for a while.

In the fields between the graves,

There lays a large poppy parade.

We commemorate these heroic people.


Poppies are as red as red.

We wear them with thoughts in our head.

They remind us of the battle-scarred fields,

That were transformed into flowering fields.

They remind us of those who died,

Of those who gave their precious lives.

On this day, we commemorate these heroic people.

By Molly and Zuzanna

We Shall Never Forget

A century ago, there was sadness, sorrow and woe,

Amongst all – friend and foe.

Soldiers bravely resisted their enemies’ power,

When their nation called upon them in their darkest hour.

We shall never forget!


Today, we acknowledge the gallant heroes who bravely fought,

Their courageous might will always be remembered in awe

They answered their country’s desperate cry,

Most of them, for justice, they died.

We shall never forget!


There they were avoiding their emotions,

Soldering on for peace for their nations.

The enemy had not won yet,

Living in despair,  all soaking wet.

We shall never forget!


Then peace arose and poppies grew.

The world had seen the Great War through.

Through fearless acts Britain had won,

But sadly the damage had already been done.

We shall never forget!

By Lorcan and James









In RE, we have been learning what qualities make someone a saint and creating adverts calling for new saints.

Be a Superhero: Be a Saint!

As part of All Souls’ day, we also considered what Heaven will be like and drew our own interpretations:

What is Heaven like?

Year 5 to the IMAX

Tomorrow morning Year 5 will be visiting the NEC Birmingham IMAX to watch A Beautiful Planet as part of our ongoing Space Invaders theme.

We will be leaving school at 8.45, so we ask that children be in as close to 8.30 as possible to avoid any disruptions. When children arrive at school, can they please come up to the Year 5 classroom to be registered.

Children may bring in one bottle of drink (with a lid) of their choice and one snack to eat while at the cinema. It is the children’s responsibility to look after their belongings throughout the day.


Many thanks,

Mr Rolison