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Our gardeners have been very busy over the last few weeks. The warm weather and rain has encouraged all the plants to grow wild so we were able to have a bumper crop of broad beans. Also this week the potatoes were ready to be dug up. We had some grow quite big and then lots of little baby ones which the children loved digging up and taking home for tea. The front planters needed some new flowers to make the front of the school look nice so the children planted some bedding plants and lavender in the pots. They turned out really well and look so pretty now.

Well done gardening team.

Mrs Elkins and Jan


This week the children picked the broad beans as they were really fat and juicy. There were also some radishes still appearing so we were able to take them out as well. The children continued to weed the raised bed on the playground and sowed some wild flower, poppy and butterfly encouraging seeds.

Well done gardeners

Mrs Elkins and Jan





Despite the poly-tunnel being boiling inside the children worked hard to pull out the

old coriander that had gone to seed, dug up the curly kale and brassica. Also the

radish were ready to be eaten so this made way for the children to plant broad beans

and green beans. The potatoes seem to be coming on nicely too thanks to all their

hard work.

Well done gardeners

Mrs Elkins and Jan.

21/3/16 Goodbye Giles

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Well today we had to say a very sad goodbye to Giles who has been helping our school with the garden and lots of other jobs over the last few years. The children loved having him around and have learnt so much knowledge about planting and vegetables. He has been so much fun and I’m sure has inspired the children to be great gardeners of the future.

This week we planted the potatoes that had been chitted  in the poly tunnel. The children filled up the potato tub with compost then planted the potatoes with the eyes facing up. They were then covered over and watered. We will look forward to seeing them grow.

The radish were ready to pull up so they were shared out and the children took home some mint plants to look after and water over the holidays.

Hope you have a lovely Easter holidays gardeners and keep up the good work.

Thank you

Mrs Elkins



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Over the past two weeks the children have been very busy planting, preparing beds and working hard to keep the garden tidy.

We cleared out one of the beds which had become over run with mint, so it look a lot of digging to get out the roots but the children are always so enthusiastic and just kept going.

This week we planted radish seeds in the raised bed and and watered all the other vegetables that are growing in the poly tunnel. Giles had also bought some broccoli plants which the children planted in the poly tunnel.

They also took home some radish that we have grown over the last term.

Well done children.

Mrs Elkins


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This week the children helped Giles and I to tidy up the greenhouse area as it had become very messy. The children also planted some Curly Kale in the poly tunnel and watered the plants which are growing nicely in the beds.

Well done children.

Mrs Elkins and Giles


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Despite the cold weather the children were still ready and raring to go with helping in the garden. Today we planted some carrot seeds then went over to the prayer garden to plant some more bulbs. Already the Daffodils are starting to apear which we planted last year. The children then cleared the prayer garden of all the sticks that have been blown over.

Well done children

Mrs Elkins and Giles.


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Today the gardeners tidied up the herb pots and weeded them as well. They also dug up the weeds and dead plants from the raised boarders ready for planting in the spring.

A big thank you goes out to Jan who made some lovely chili relish and tomato chutney to sell at the Christmas fayre using the produce from the poly tunnel the children grew. She managed to raise an amazing amount of £50 to go towards Gardening Club. We look forward to spending the money on new tools and plants, thank you so much Jan!

Thank you to all the hard work the garderners have put into this term. We look forward to much hard work in the New Year.

Mrs Elkins, Giles, Stella and Jan.


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The gardeners have been hard at work over the last couple of weeks and have been busy clearing out the raised beds to make way for new vegetables.
This week we all helped to clear away the build-up of leaves from the front of the school and in the boarders. The children worked hard and filled about 6 black bags full to use for compost/leaf mold.

well done children

Mrs Elkins, Giles, Jan and Stella


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This week the children planted some Lettice with the help of Giles and Gemma (our new helper). We cleared out all the old tomato plants and put the green ones into a tub to ripen up and the others will be given to the kitchen and the children.
Jan has kindly offered to make chutneys for the Christmas Bazar to sell using our wonderful vegetables we have grown, thank you Jan!
The children were all given a few slices of the melons we have grown, they are delicious.