We are ‘sorted’!

We have had a lovely start to the Autumn 2. This week we have begun our new English unit, Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. First thing Monday morning, we were ‘sorted’ into house by the Sorting Hat. We found out which house we belong to: are we brave like Gryffindor, loyal like Hufflepuff, cunning like Slytherin, or wise like Ravenclaw? All of these attributes are worthy when used correctly. Want to find out which house you belong to? Watch this space for our descriptions of Diagon Alley. Many of the children have expressed an interest in bringing in their own Harry Potter book, which is fine, but please don’t read ahead of where we have got to!


During maths, we have been using our equipment to help us to understand column addition including exchanges. Using the place value counters and dienes equipment, we have been able to visually see what happens when we have to exchange across a tens or hundreds boundary, before moving to the abstract format.

Black History Month

This week, Year 6 have been brilliant researchers, writers, singers and mathemeticians!
As part of Black History Month, Year 6 have created tributes to inspirational individuals who have significantly contributed to making our world a better, more harmonious place to live in. Ask them who they focused on and what they found out!
In History, they have learnt about the local hero Brandon Moss and his ‘superhuman efforts and utter disregard for personal injury’ during World War II. They used a variety of sources to retireve their information from and created a newspaper report to commemorate him.
Today, we went to St. Thomas More’s Church to ‘Sing out with Joy’ and Year 6 really did sing their hearts out. It was a beautiful morning and the perfect way to end our first half term together.
A huge thank you, both to the children and to the parents, for a fabulous first half term!
Have a lovely break – I’m sure it is a great chance for you to work on your Heroes and Villains projects too!
Mrs Hartwell

Year 3, Baptism and dance moves!

Year 3 had a lovely afternoon learning about the sacrament of Baptism.

Mrs McGowan was very helpful and took the children through a ‘Baptism’.

Back in class the children have been focusing on developing fine motor skills and handwriting.

We have been learning some hand dances to help with co-ordination, control, visual placement and muscle strength. Maybe they will show you their ‘moves’!

A reminder just a few weeks until our Jurassic Park celebration day! I am looking forward to the children sharing their projects.

Finally thank you to everyone who attended Parents Evening

have a lovely weekend

Mrs K McGovern


Celebrating Creation in Year One

We have spent the last few weeks celebrating God’s creation. Look how wonderful our artwork is!

We have had a scrumptious week!

Year 4 enjoyed a visit to Pizza Express this week where we learnt about how to make a pizza. We were lucky enough to each make and take away our own- everyone thought that the Margherita pizzas were delicious! This visit was to support our D&T unit- Food, and we encorporated it with our unit Italy, which we are studying this term.


During our history unit Anglo- Saxons, we studied evidence to try to work out when these artefacts had been dug up. We worked out that it was approximately the year 625.


Year 4 have worked really hard this week. I hope everyone has a restful weekend and are fully energised and ready for learning next week!

Leaves and Place Value

Here we are busy using a range of equipment to help develop our understanding of place value.

On Wednesday we begin creating our own leaf sculptures based on the work of Andrew Goldsworthy.

On Thursday afternoon we had great fun in our first Spanish lesson!

counting to 10. A huge thank you to Olivia for her excellent counting in Spanish,

especially with pronunciation.

We are looking forward to celebrating our school buildings 50th Anniversary (28-9-18).

Please join us at 9.15am if you can                        .


Keep checking in! we have lots to share.

Mrs McGovern & Year 3 children


Year 3 Artist Study

Today we began our study of  the artist Andrew Goldsworthy.

Each child created a profile page using natural materials.

Here we are gathering natural objects for our fact file and completing our  profile page.



The children all had a great start.  They settled well and quickly made friends. We were very busy exploring the environment and activities.  We met the lunch time staff ready for Monday and Mrs Quinn came in to say hello.  Please can we have all PE kit in by Tuesday. Thank you

Below are a few pictures of the week.


Year 3 Sacramental Preparation

Today we began our Sacramental Preparation Journey. Well done to all the Year 3 children who attended the first Sunday School. It was lovely to see so many of you, showing commitment and taking the first steps to receiving your First Holy Communion. Thank you to parents and  families for supporting your child, it really is a family, school and Parish celebration.

The children behaved beautifully, and we shared a special moment of prayer with Father Michael in front of the Eucharist.


See you tomorrow

Mrs McGovern