Singing and Division in Year 3!

Yet another busy week!

In mathematics we continued our work on division. Here we are exploring the concept of division using objects

Thank you for your support with Odd Sock Day to launch Anti Bullying Week. The children have been completing a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ sheet at school. They will bring them home on Friday. Lots of children have ticked to say they have cleaned their bedrooms!

We began practicing for our class Advent Assembly (Friday 30th November 9.15am). Miss McGinn and I were treated to a spontaneous performance of our final song from the children. The song has been chosen by the children and they were all very familiar with the words and tune.

They were great, but we are not giving anything away, you will hear them on the day.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs McGovern & Miss McGinn



All in a week, push, pull, Diwali and poppies.


In English we studied World War poetry.

In class we discussed a range of poems and began to look for new words and phrases.

We discussed how the author has used words to fire the readers imagination and interest.

The children did very well at this and responded with some thought provoking answers.

to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War 1 the children participated in painting their ‘poppies’ for a whole school display. Thank you for sending in the bottles.

In Re we participated in a range of activities to celebrate and understand the Festival of Diwali.

We ended our activities with a Line of Lights prayer service.

This week we began our new Science topic, Forces and Magnets.

The children were very excited to use a range of construction kits, play dough and Lego to experiment with the forces of push and pull.

Ask them to explain if these forces need contact, the direction they can move in and how they affect objects. (Hopefully they can tell you!)

During R-Time the children worked in pairs on a shared activity. This activity encouraged patience, teamwork, listening skills and respect.


Well done to the children this week, they have worked incredibly hard.

A reminder Monday is Odd Sock Day to mark the beginning of Anti Bullying Week.

Friday is Children in Need, children are asked to come to school spotty, this can be clothes or make up. We ask for a £1 donation.

See you Monday


Mrs K McGovern



Just a glimpse!

Here is a sneaky preview of some of the wonderful Jurassic Park homework designs that have been brought into school.


It is wonderful to see how proud the children are of their projects.

A reminder that homework is due in on 30th November.

Please speak to me if your child needs any resources, or information to help them.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs McGovern

Wow what a day!

As part of their Jurrasic Park Curriculum study Year 3 visited Dinosaurs Live at Warwick Art Centre.

The children had an amazing time, they behaved brilliantly and were a real credit to the school.

The show was loud, very loud! amazing and educational.

a  .


Back at school it was a quick lunch. Then the children began a 6 week sports and value program led by Engage.Coventry.

For 6 weeks the children will learn and compete in tag rugby, followed by a values session.

Each week there will be a focus on a different value. This weeks focus was teamwork.

The children really enjoyed their first session of tag rugby. I was delighted to see all the children ‘giving it a go’ learning a new skill and having fun.

Well done to all the children today a very busy but exciting day.

see you tomorrow

Mrs K McGovern



Rocks! Rocks! and Top Trumps in Year 3

Inspired by the work of Andrew Goldsworthy, the children collected a range of rocks,pebbles and stones from around the school grounds.

Back in class and working in small groups the children created their own temporary sculptures.

The children demonstrated scientific skill during investigation experiments.

They we investigating the properties of different types of rocks and soil. They had great fun and were very enthusiastic. they completed the scratch test and investigations to sort rocks into permeable and impermeable. Ask them to explain their findings

As part of their study Jurassic Park the children have created Dinosaur Top Trump cards in computing. With help from Mr Youson each child had created their own unique set of cards. They really enjoyed challenging each other to a game.

Finally a huge thank you for your continued support.

See you next week

Mrs McGovern

Brighten up for Harvest 2018

What a wonderful celebration of harvest but also our wonderfully generous school community. We brightened up our school in our multi colours and brought our food donations as well as CAFOD donation with us. We took part in an assembly to allow the children to see where all their money goes to. We spoke about the importance of sharing the message of peace and not just giving our money but giving our prayers to others.

The chaplaincy team worked hard all day from bagging up all the donations, handing out prayer cards and counting our total amount raised. They also made a very special trip to the Coventry Food bank and got to walk around and see the different things that the foodbank needs as well as find out more about how we can help further.

The winners of the competition will be announced in the assembly on Monday.

The total raised so far stands at just over £190! So thank you very much!

Many thanks for all your donations, they are really appreciated.

Have a lovely weekend
Miss Corkerry


Leaves and Place Value

Here we are busy using a range of equipment to help develop our understanding of place value.

On Wednesday we begin creating our own leaf sculptures based on the work of Andrew Goldsworthy.

On Thursday afternoon we had great fun in our first Spanish lesson!

counting to 10. A huge thank you to Olivia for her excellent counting in Spanish,

especially with pronunciation.

We are looking forward to celebrating our school buildings 50th Anniversary (28-9-18).

Please join us at 9.15am if you can                        .


Keep checking in! we have lots to share.

Mrs McGovern & Year 3 children