Time for a rest!

We have begun Year 4 with a busy first half term! It has been a pleasure getting to know the class and watch them step up to Year 4. They have enjoyed two trips out of school already this year, and have been fantastic examples of our school on both occasions.

This week we showcased our work on Black History Month in  assembly. We focused on the inspirational Michelle Obama who uses her status to promote education to all, including those who might not usually access it. The children chose a quote that meant a lot to them and we created an Adobe Spark clip- each group chose their quote, images of words and rehearsed speaking together, which they loved!

Have a lovely half term!

WOW! What a day!

Year Four showed of their skills of teamwork, bravery and resilience today as they took on Rock UK. They were brilliantly behaved and represented the school well but more than this they were courageous and persistent when things got difficult.

They started off the morning with open canoeing down a natural river, the strong winds and constant rain didn’t make it easy but the children kept trying and worked together to get their boats moving as well as playing games which at one point included jumping inside the canoe but managed to stay afloat. It was in a simple game of boat-ball where anarchy descended and with two boats capsized, nine sodden children and a pair of wellies at the bottom of the river it was time to call it quits and head in to warm ourselves up and feed some very hungry children.

The afternoon came with a change of plan. The high winds and now heavy rain meant we could not use the outdoor climbing wall. However the children still took to dizzying heights as they took on the indoor walls with increasing difficulty. The children all harnessed up and got stuck in, they kept going and even when at times they missed a ledge or couldn’t reach, the sheer volume of their friends coaching them and cheering them on, saw them all succeed.

It was an absolute pleasure to be with the children today, their teamwork, resilience and support of one another really stood out, with the staff commenting on how well they worked as a team. Every single child gave it a go and even though at times they were scared they persevered. No wallflowers here. Well done Year Four – A wonderful day!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks…

Year four have had a hectic, but fun, couple of weeks! We planned an experiment to find out which drinks cause the most damage to our teeth- ask us for the results! We wrote up the experiment considering the process of organising an experiment as we went along.

On National Poetry Day we took part in BBC Live Lesson, hosted by the performance poet, Joseph Coelho. We had to think of similes and metaphors, along with many other classes across teh country,  to contribute to a poem created during the lesson.

We have been learning how to pray the Rosary in this special month of October.

And we were lucky enough to be treated to cakes and desserts on Tuesday!

Phew… we are looking forward to our last week of the half term.

Thank you to all parents who attended parents’ evening- it was great to meet you all.

Mrs McDevitt

Brighten up for Harvest 2018

What a wonderful celebration of harvest but also our wonderfully generous school community. We brightened up our school in our multi colours and brought our food donations as well as CAFOD donation with us. We took part in an assembly to allow the children to see where all their money goes to. We spoke about the importance of sharing the message of peace and not just giving our money but giving our prayers to others.

The chaplaincy team worked hard all day from bagging up all the donations, handing out prayer cards and counting our total amount raised. They also made a very special trip to the Coventry Food bank and got to walk around and see the different things that the foodbank needs as well as find out more about how we can help further.

The winners of the competition will be announced in the assembly on Monday.

The total raised so far stands at just over £190! So thank you very much!

Many thanks for all your donations, they are really appreciated.

Have a lovely weekend
Miss Corkerry


We have had a scrumptious week!

Year 4 enjoyed a visit to Pizza Express this week where we learnt about how to make a pizza. We were lucky enough to each make and take away our own- everyone thought that the Margherita pizzas were delicious! This visit was to support our D&T unit- Food, and we encorporated it with our unit Italy, which we are studying this term.


During our history unit Anglo- Saxons, we studied evidence to try to work out when these artefacts had been dug up. We worked out that it was approximately the year 625.


Year 4 have worked really hard this week. I hope everyone has a restful weekend and are fully energised and ready for learning next week!


As part of our Italy unit, Year 4 will be going to Pizza Express tomorrow morning to make their own pizza! All children need to arrive in school on time, in full school uniform, as we will be leaving at 9am. We will be travelling on the school minibus and will be back to school in time for lunch as usual. I hope the children will enjoy making & eating their own pizzas!

Monday morning assembly – Woodland Trust

This morning, we started to get excited as a school about the impending arrival of 200 saplings from the Woodland Trust, which are due to be delivered during November.

We listened to the story of the ‘Man who planted trees’ and talked about the importance of trees and how we, as individuals, can make a difference to the world.

During November, we will be creating our own school woodland area on a section of the school field and the children, with the help of adults from the community, will have the opportunity to plant trees which we hope will be around for generations to come.

We are also excited to be working towards the ‘Green Tree Schools Award’ this year and have our sights set firmly on achieving platinum status!


Welcome to Year 4 !

We have had an extremely busy week in Year 4 learning about teeth, and why we have them, in Science. As well as this, we have begun our History unit- Anglo Saxons  and continued our work on Italy. To reflect on the Creation story, we completed some Bible Journaling. The children enjoyed a dance off of Cupid Shuffle- Mr Cooke particularly complimented the dancing of the boys in our class! Well done to Aden, the winner! We rounded off a great week with Dough-nut Friday!

Welcome back!

Welcome to the new academic year and Year 4! This is my first year teaching in All Souls’ School, and I am delighted to be back, after spending time here previously in other roles. It is also my first time in Year 4 and I am looking forward to working with you and your child on the journey of creating well rounded, inquisitive, resilient young people. The children will already be aware of the high expectations in Year 4, and I am asking you to support us in helping your children to become independent in their thinking, and therefore, their learning. I have encouraged them to become proactive in their learning and to understand the impact that their actions have on their time in school. The curriculum is jam packed meaning that we don’t have a minute to waste in school time! With your support, I am sure the children will flourish and rise to the challenge.

We have had a great time in Year 4 this week getting to know each other. We particularly enjoyed our ‘Italy’ day, where we made our own Pisa towers in groups, tasted different food toppings for pizza, and learnt some basic Italian phrases!

We started reading our new English text, The Iron Man, and all of the children are keen to see what happens to him now that he has toppled off the cliff.

Ciao for now!

Mrs McDevitt


Whole School Mass

Thank you to all of the children who volunteered to take a more active role in our first whole school mass of the year by offering readings, bidding prayers, presenting the offertory and altar serving.

It was a lovely way of celebrating the beginning of our new academic year together as one.

Thank you to all of our familes who were able to attend this morning. We hope you enjoyed the beautiful singing as much as we did.

Thank you Year 4!

Wow – what a truly incredible year 2017-18 has been! I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every child in Year 4 for giving their best efforts and making eachother (and me!) smile everyday. You should be so very proud of yourselves!

Thank you so much for the kind gifts, thoughtful cards and lovely words. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and enjoy the next step of your adventure in Year 5!

Mrs Hartwell 🙂