As part of our Italy unit, Year 4 will be going to Pizza Express tomorrow morning to make their own pizza! All children need to arrive in school on time, in full school uniform, as we will be leaving at 9am. We will be travelling on the school minibus and will be back to school in time for lunch as usual. I hope the children will enjoy making & eating their own pizzas!

Monday morning assembly – Woodland Trust

This morning, we started to get excited as a school about the impending arrival of 200 saplings from the Woodland Trust, which are due to be delivered during November.

We listened to the story of the ‘Man who planted trees’ and talked about the importance of trees and how we, as individuals, can make a difference to the world.

During November, we will be creating our own school woodland area on a section of the school field and the children, with the help of adults from the community, will have the opportunity to plant trees which we hope will be around for generations to come.

We are also excited to be working towards the ‘Green Tree Schools Award’ this year and have our sights set firmly on achieving platinum status!


Welcome to Year 4 !

We have had an extremely busy week in Year 4 learning about teeth, and why we have them, in Science. As well as this, we have begun our History unit- Anglo Saxons  and continued our work on Italy. To reflect on the Creation story, we completed some Bible Journaling. The children enjoyed a dance off of Cupid Shuffle- Mr Cooke particularly complimented the dancing of the boys in our class! Well done to Aden, the winner! We rounded off a great week with Dough-nut Friday!

Welcome back!

Welcome to the new academic year and Year 4! This is my first year teaching in All Souls’ School, and I am delighted to be back, after spending time here previously in other roles. It is also my first time in Year 4 and I am looking forward to working with you and your child on the journey of creating well rounded, inquisitive, resilient young people. The children will already be aware of the high expectations in Year 4, and I am asking you to support us in helping your children to become independent in their thinking, and therefore, their learning. I have encouraged them to become proactive in their learning and to understand the impact that their actions have on their time in school. The curriculum is jam packed meaning that we don’t have a minute to waste in school time! With your support, I am sure the children will flourish and rise to the challenge.

We have had a great time in Year 4 this week getting to know each other. We particularly enjoyed our ‘Italy’ day, where we made our own Pisa towers in groups, tasted different food toppings for pizza, and learnt some basic Italian phrases!

We started reading our new English text, The Iron Man, and all of the children are keen to see what happens to him now that he has toppled off the cliff.

Ciao for now!

Mrs McDevitt


Whole School Mass

Thank you to all of the children who volunteered to take a more active role in our first whole school mass of the year by offering readings, bidding prayers, presenting the offertory and altar serving.

It was a lovely way of celebrating the beginning of our new academic year together as one.

Thank you to all of our familes who were able to attend this morning. We hope you enjoyed the beautiful singing as much as we did.

Thank you Year 4!

Wow – what a truly incredible year 2017-18 has been! I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every child in Year 4 for giving their best efforts and making eachother (and me!) smile everyday. You should be so very proud of yourselves!

Thank you so much for the kind gifts, thoughtful cards and lovely words. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and enjoy the next step of your adventure in Year 5!

Mrs Hartwell 🙂

Water World!

Year 4 and 5 had a ‘splashing time’ at Water World today! We were so proud to watch them beam with confidence as they played in the water, bravely tackle the many flumes and also behave extremely sensibly in such a busy environment!

Thank you to all of the children for a fabulous day! Thank you also to everyone who came along to make it a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Mrs Hartwell & Miss Frearson.

Waterworld Reminder

Tomorrow is our trip to Waterworld!

Here are some final reminders for you. Please ensure that:

  • Children are in school for 8:30am prompt so we can leave at 8:45am. The hall doors will be open from 8:15.
  • Children are wearing their school PE kit.
  • Children have their swimming kit (full body suit or swimming trunks) and a towel.
  • Children bring a bottle of water bottle and a healthy snack.

We are due to arrive back to school at 3:15pm but please, as always, keep an eye on the website for any updates regarding traffic.

Many thanks,

Mrs Hartwell and Miss Frearson



Year 4 are really enjoying learning about Judaism.

Related image

We have discussed where Judaism came from, what beliefs underpin this religion (recognising some similarities to Catholicism) and some of the special signs and symbols.

This week we have been exploring the Jewish festival of light, Hanukkah. Jews celebrate this festival to remember God’s miraculous gift of light which he gave to the people of Israel over 2000 years ago to help them restore their temple after fighting for what they believed in.

Image result for hanukkah

After learning about the traditional celebrations that take place during this festival, we learnt a Jewish song and went outside to have a little dance (and a lot of fun!).

Oh Hannukah



Year 4 had a fun afternoon exploring circuits, creating their own to make a variety of components work including bulbs, motors and buzzers!