An investigative kind of week!

This week, Year 6 have been busy investigating in Maths and Science, writing poetry in English and praying for all Saints and Souls on their feast days.


In Maths, we have been investigating the relationships between the radius and diameter of a circle and the diameter and circumference of a circle.

We found that the diameter of a circle always measures double the radius (and the radius always measures half the diameter) but found it a little trickier to see the relationship between the diameter and circumference. First, we had to figure out how to measure the circumference of a circle in the most accurate way as it turns out rulers just aren’t that bendy! When we finally decided that using string was the best way, we got down to measuring each part of different sized circles.

We could see that the circumference of a circle was more than 3 x the diameter but less than 4 x diameter. So we tried multiplying by 3.5 but that was still too much. Finally, Mrs Hartwell gave in and showed  the number we have to multiply the diameter by to find the circumference and Year 6 were shocked!

It begins like this:


but goes on and on and on and on and on …

To read the first million digits for yourself, prepare to be amazed and check out this website:

It was much easier when we knew that we could use 3.14 (2dp) to find out a close estimate instead!


In Science, we were trying to answer the learning question: How do mirrors enable us to see objects that are behind us?

We set up a similar demonstration to last lesson which showed that light travels in straight lines but then added a mirror. Ask us what happened and why!


In English, we put our new poetry skills to the test as we began writing our own Remembrance poems in preparation for the Memorial Service we will be attending next week.

So much effort and thought went into every word within the poems and they really are very special. Here are the two chosen to be read during the service itself:

We Commemorate These Heroic People

On the 11th of November,

We solemnly remember,

Those who suffered in World War One,

And those special people now gone.

Lots of poppies are shared and sold,

Heroes are honoured for being so bold.

We commemorate these heroic people.


There in the fields people did die,

But in our hearts they live with thy.

Those selfless people who fought for our world,

Will not rest with their stories untold.

In the fields the poppies grew.

In the fields the wind blew.

We commemorate these heroic people.


Families were broken up,

With no one there to give them a hug.

Today we offer them a warm smile,

And remember them for a while.

In the fields between the graves,

There lays a large poppy parade.

We commemorate these heroic people.


Poppies are as red as red.

We wear them with thoughts in our head.

They remind us of the battle-scarred fields,

That were transformed into flowering fields.

They remind us of those who died,

Of those who gave their precious lives.

On this day, we commemorate these heroic people.

By Molly and Zuzanna

We Shall Never Forget

A century ago, there was sadness, sorrow and woe,

Amongst all – friend and foe.

Soldiers bravely resisted their enemies’ power,

When their nation called upon them in their darkest hour.

We shall never forget!


Today, we acknowledge the gallant heroes who bravely fought,

Their courageous might will always be remembered in awe

They answered their country’s desperate cry,

Most of them, for justice, they died.

We shall never forget!


There they were avoiding their emotions,

Soldering on for peace for their nations.

The enemy had not won yet,

Living in despair,  all soaking wet.

We shall never forget!


Then peace arose and poppies grew.

The world had seen the Great War through.

Through fearless acts Britain had won,

But sadly the damage had already been done.

We shall never forget!

By Lorcan and James









In RE, we have been learning what qualities make someone a saint and creating adverts calling for new saints.

Be a Superhero: Be a Saint!

As part of All Souls’ day, we also considered what Heaven will be like and drew our own interpretations:

What is Heaven like?

Welcome back!

Year 6 have had a busy first week back!

We have been listening to a bit of poetry this week in English in preparation for performing and writing our own performance poetry next week. Our definite favourite so far has to be Roald Dahl’s take on the Jack and the Beanstalk which had us giggling and we’re sure will give you a giggle too! Here’s a little snippet for you: Image result for roald dahl jack and the beanstalk

In Maths, we have been getting to grips with the order of operations to help us solve more complicated calculations! Have a go at solving this one:

7 x 4 + (12-4) ÷ 2² =

Did you get 9? You’re wrong! Did you get 30? You’re right! Ask us geniuses how!


In Science, Year 6 have been discovering how we see things in their new Science unit, ‘Light’. They have learnt a few actions to help them explain how we see and even modelled how mirrors help us to see objects behind us:

We have been busy Catholics this week also, creating adverts calling for ‘ordinary’ people to be extraordinary to celebrate All Saints’ Day and leading the whole school mass for All Souls’ Day!  Thank you to all the children who read, responded, sang and behaved beautifully and reverently in Church.

Have a lovely weekend!

Black History Month

This week, Year 6 have been brilliant researchers, writers, singers and mathemeticians!
As part of Black History Month, Year 6 have created tributes to inspirational individuals who have significantly contributed to making our world a better, more harmonious place to live in. Ask them who they focused on and what they found out!
In History, they have learnt about the local hero Brandon Moss and his ‘superhuman efforts and utter disregard for personal injury’ during World War II. They used a variety of sources to retireve their information from and created a newspaper report to commemorate him.
Today, we went to St. Thomas More’s Church to ‘Sing out with Joy’ and Year 6 really did sing their hearts out. It was a beautiful morning and the perfect way to end our first half term together.
A huge thank you, both to the children and to the parents, for a fabulous first half term!
Have a lovely break – I’m sure it is a great chance for you to work on your Heroes and Villains projects too!
Mrs Hartwell

Darwin’s Finches

Year 6 spent the afternoon predicting and investigating which ‘beak’ was the best for different ‘bird food’ as part of their Science unit of Evolution and Inheritance.

Ask them what they found out!

Year 6 have brightened up for CAFOD!

  Thank you for all of your support and generous donations! We definitely brightened up our classroom today.



Brighten up for Harvest 2018

What a wonderful celebration of harvest but also our wonderfully generous school community. We brightened up our school in our multi colours and brought our food donations as well as CAFOD donation with us. We took part in an assembly to allow the children to see where all their money goes to. We spoke about the importance of sharing the message of peace and not just giving our money but giving our prayers to others.

The chaplaincy team worked hard all day from bagging up all the donations, handing out prayer cards and counting our total amount raised. They also made a very special trip to the Coventry Food bank and got to walk around and see the different things that the foodbank needs as well as find out more about how we can help further.

The winners of the competition will be announced in the assembly on Monday.

The total raised so far stands at just over £190! So thank you very much!

Many thanks for all your donations, they are really appreciated.

Have a lovely weekend
Miss Corkerry



We’ve begun our Pop Art Unit by looking at the work of Andy Warhol and created our own ‘everyday object collage’ inspired paintings. We think they look great!

Compassion & Love

Thank you to Liam G and William from our school chaplaincy team who came into Year 6 and delivered a prayer service based on our virtues this half term: compassion and love.