December Fact Sheet

December Fact Sheet

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you for all your returned questionnaires. Please find attached an analysis of our ratings and our way forward with comments and suggestions made.

We are now on the school website and will be continuing to add and develop this site. Our website address is We have a blog and will update this on a regular basis.

Please see Dawn for our new menu. If you have any specific requests, please let us know.

Christmas Activities
We will be working on activities related to Advent & Christmas. The children will be making individual items and contributing to the wall display.

Development Matters
Each week the objectives that we are following are written on the Children’s Learning Pathways Wall in the entrance area. These objectives are for our children aged 30-50 months. I will include in the newsletter every month the objectives we are working on with our children 22-36 months. Children progress through the age bands at their own pace. Next steps are recorded to support children’s learning.

December Objectives
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Shows understanding and co-operation with some routines and boundaries.
Communication & Language
• Uses simple sentences.
Physical Development
• Feed self completely with spoon.
(Respect Cultural differences)
• Has some favourite stories, rhymes, poems or jingles.
Shape, space and measure.
• Begins to use the language of size.
Understanding the World
• Notices detailed features of objects in their environment.
Expressive Arts & Design
• Representation to communicate, e.g. drawing a line and saying ‘that’s me’.
Christmas Party
Our Christmas party will take place on Wednesday December 18th 2013. We will be having a party during the morning and afternoon session. Children who do not attend on a Wednesday are welcome to come and join us. Please look on the door for the party session list. Father Christmas will be visiting us and we will have party games and snack.

Christmas Party Donations
To meet all of the dietary needs of our children we are asking for a voluntary donation to purchase our party treats. If you are able to support us we would be very grateful.

Christmas Post Box
A Christmas post box will be in the entrance hall if you would like to send Christmas cards for friends. This will be emptied on a regular basis.

Grant Funding
Children who are eligible for Grant Funding in the Spring Term will receive their parent packs in January. If you wish to increase your sessions to accommodate the 15 hours funding place, please let me know.

Christmas Bazaar
The Christmas Bazaar will take place on Saturday December 7th between 2pm – 4pm in the school hall. Everyone is welcome.

Please can any fees/outstanding be paid by Friday December 13th to allow for banking and cheque/voucher clearance. A late payment charge will be introduced next term.

All Sorts closes on Friday December 20th for two weeks, Monday January 6th is a teacher training day; we open on Tuesday January 7th 2014.

A sincere thank you for all your support during the Autumn Term. We will be organising a parents evening in January when we return and look forward to seeing you. On behalf of everyone at All Sorts, we wish you all a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Kind Regards

Dawn Morris