Year 6’s Class Saint

Our Class Saint is Saint Pope John Paul II.

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Saint Pope John Paul II is the Patron Saint of World Youth Day and his special feast day is October 22nd.

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To celebrate this special feast day, Year 6 are invited to come into school in non-school uniform wearing the colours blue, yellow or red to symbolise his coat of arms.


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During this day, we will complete various activities to find out more about our class Saint and learn about what makes him so special.

Because he was Polish, we are asking children to bring in a Polish item of food (sweet or savoury, home-baked or shop-bought) so that we can share in some tasty treats as part of our celebrations!

Lowicz Twarog Half Fat Curd Cheese 250G 7 Days Cocoa Filled Croissant 60G

Lajkonik Paluszki Salted Sticks 300GGoplana Grzeski Chocolate Wafer 36G Mayonnaise 400MlKuchnia Polska Sour Cucumber 700G
  1. I am proud that you are celebrating this day at our school. I had the pleasure to meet what kind of man John Paul II was. He was a great man, full of love especially for young people, full of sense of humor, he loved sweets. His weaknesses were Krakov cream cakes. He loved them. I’ll try to bake on this day for children 🙂

  2. Assumpta RABVUKWA

    I cant wait to taste the food every one bring in, but I am also quite nervous to see if it taste nice. For this I will try and make something polish for every one to eat , well if it goes well when I am cooking it!

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