Daily Mile Latest Update

The children have now surpassed the halfway mark in our quest to run collectively from our school to Tokyo. They have run Just over 3000 miles between them in just 5 weeks – this is an incredible effort. On our map, we would currently be in the town of Zhezkazgan in Kazakhstan. This is a town that was set up in 1938 to help with the mining of copper.

Well done everyone, keep up the good work!

Science afternoon fun

Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon of Science activities. If you forgot to bring in your ÂŁ1 yesterday please send it in ASAP, we were raising money for CAFOD. Thank you in advance!

Year 2 updates

As part of their learning during Lent, the children were challenged to raise money for CAFOD, a charity which helps overseas development. In Year 2 we have decided that on Monday 26th April the children will dress up as crazy scientists and then have an afternoon of Science experiments. We are asking the children to think of ideas to test out and hopefully have an afternoon of fun! For this to take place, we are encouraging the children to bring in a donation of ÂŁ1, which will then be donated to CAFOD.

On Monday we will also be giving out new reading books. Please send back any books you still have at home as soon as possible. If you aren’t sure whether you still have some please email me- I have a list of children who haven’t returned them yet. We will be collecting books in on a Friday to quarantine them to send them back out on a Monday.


Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Miss Clarke and Mrs Elkins



Happy Easter!

Sending huge Easter blessings from all of the staff here at All Souls to each and every family. It is easy to become swept up in the eggs, chocolate, hunts and material side of Easter but let us remember that this season brings much more. As we enter Eastertide, let us be filled with hope of the resurrection of Jesus.

May we remember that in the darkest of times, light will overwhelm and endure. We have had dark times, times when it was easy to lose our way and get caught up in the darkness and gloom that has arisen over the last year but may we, like Jesus, rise up to be strong in faith, have trust in God and spread love to one other.

So as we celebrate this most wondrous event let us remember that ‘Love is stronger than hate. Hope is stronger than despair. Life is stronger than death. And nothing is impossible with God.’

Have a happy and blessed Easter from your All Souls’Family x

Daily Mile Update

Another super week by the children and staff! They have now collectively run 1759 miles and we are now 30% of the way to Tokyo. Ukraine is so big that even though we have added on nearly 600 miles this week we would still be flying over the tiny village of Shulhynka in the East of Ukraine.

Only 4 days of running next week so we need to have a super week to keep on track. Well done everyone!

Daily Mile Update

Wow, the children and staff have tried so hard this week we have now ran 1195 miles and are 20% of the way the Tokyo. If we were in an plane on our way there we would be flying over Ukraine and a village called Tsvitova – unbelievably when this was mentioned to the children Roza from Year 6 had a huge smile on her face and couldn’t wait to tell us that she has a friend who lives in this very village.

Keep up the good work everyone – we should be over a quarter of the way there this time next week.

Footloose Friday!

This week’s winners are Pietro (Reception) and MJ (Y2) who showed us their best moves!


Our parent winner was Mrs Keightley (mum to James – Y1 and Thomas – Y4) who danced her all the way into the school office – thank you for joining in with the fun!


There were so many great dancers this week that we decided to give out runner up prizes to the following children: Parker (Rec), Scarlett (Y1), Tadgh (Y1), Fintan (Y2), Jamie (Y2), Sophia (Y2), Ross (Y2), Nicholas (Y3), Grace (Y4), Layla (Y4), Oliver (Y4), Jack (Y4) and Ceide (Y4). Well done to you all!


Open Evening – 29th/30th March

Please note that you can now book an open evening appointment with your child’s class teacher for Monday 29th / Tuesday 30th March using the following link, or clicking the button on the right-hand side of the page:


Please note that, so that we are able to accommodate all parents, appointments will be limited to 5 minutes.  Any discussion beyond this will need to be scheduled for another mutually agreeable time.  Thank you for your understanding.