The below is available to download as a Word file from the Reception Home Learning page, which you can navigate to from the menu at the top of the page.


Reception Home Learning  

Week 2 Wk beginning 11th January 2021


I hope you are all safe and well and that the activities last week were easy to follow.  Please do not worry about emailing me if you need any more guidance on the activities for the week. I will be placing the learning under each area of learning and these can be completed as you choose throughout the week.

Remember that the children are grouped 1, 2, and 3.  Some of the activities are for all groups, some for one group and others differentiated.


Communication and Language.

Groups 2 and 3

Play I spy.  Explain how you play and then model the first sound for your child.  Choose something that is easy for the first try.  Encourage your children to ask questions for clues rather than just providing one word answers. After a few turns ask your child to have a turn.  If knowing what sounds words begin with is a little too difficult then use the game below.

Group 3

Play I Spy but use colours.  Choose an object in the room and say I Spy with my little eye something that is the colour……….




Group 2/1

.Find the high frequency words in the pack.  We are going to practise reading and writing these weekly.

This week please work on the first 5 on the sheet. I would suggest that you write them larger on a sheet of paper and first work on reading them.  Later in the week after looking closely at each word ask you child to have a go at writing them.

Group 3 Read the first 5 words on the sheet.

All Groups Complete the Phase 2 pictures and captions matching activity week 2


Daily Phonics All Groups

Please sign onto the Phonics Play site.  It is being provided free by using log in  : Jan21

and home.

In school we use the Letters and Sounds scheme to teach phonics. The games on this site we use in school and you can change the phonemes (sounds) you need to cover. The parent’s page also covers some guidance on how phonemes are taught.

This week sign in and then go to resources and then Phase 2. Click on flash cards speed trial.  The children like to see if they can beat their last score.

Please feel free to play any of the other games on the site in Phase 2.


Group 1 practise writing whole name using your name card.  Group 2 practise writing your name without your name card and on the lines in the book.  Group 3 practise writing your first name using your name card.


Please continue reading the books sent home.  Checking children’s understanding of what they have read.

Sign onto Oxford Owl.

All Groups read and complete the activities for Can You See Me?  Group 2 Also read and complete the activities for Jack. The sounds in this book will be fairly new to your child so they may need a little more help completing this.

Mathematics  All Groups

We are looking at making 5 and also exploring zero. Please sign into White Rose early years. The Alive in 5 week 2.  The site continues video clips and follow up activities to help understand 5 and also explores zero.

During the week find different ways for your child to count out 5.  Can they see that 1 and 4 make 5, 2 and 3 also make 5 etc.

Group 2

Start to introduce + and = into the language.

Use a piece of paper with a space then + and space and then = use the numbers to 5 to place into the spaces to make the number sentence.   Can your child copy the number sentence?  Words to use: add addition makes plus together equals total


Sign into either Joe Wicks or Andy’s Wild Workout.

Complete cutting lines sheet from pack.

Use a pencil the complete the curly caterpillar sheet.

On the internet type in Dough disco –Down in the Jungle and let your child use the play dough to exercise their fingers.  LETS GO TO THE NEW DOUGH DISCO is another good exercise for fingers site.

Group 2 once a week Group 1 3 times a week  Group 3 daily.

Understanding the World/|Pshe

Use the Twinkl website to explain via their power point about our 5 senses.

This week we are going to be looking at our sense of sight. Talk about how useful our eyes are, how we look after them, why some people need to where glasses etc.  Play some games to show how we need our eyes.  Place a blindfold around your child and ask them to walk across the room to the door.( some risk assessment needed!) Can they see how hard that is to do without their sight?  Put a drink or a treat in front of them and ask them to try to drink/eat them?

Place some objects in a bag without your child seeing.  Can they put their hand into the bag and tell you what they feel?  Do they realise that it is harder without being able to see the object?

Put a piece of paper in front of your blindfolded child. Ask them to try to write their name.

Group 2/1 Discuss ways in which people have help when they vision problems and how these help people live their lives. (Thinking about braille sounds/books, sticks, guide dogs)

RE All Groups.

We have starting to think about our place in the Church Community.  To help the children understand this we are starting with thinking about our family and our place in it.  Can you talk about your family and how it is made up. Discuss immediate family and then extended.  Can your child draw a picture of their family.

Group 2 label your family picture.


Thank you

Live sessions this week- Y2

Hello Year 2,

I hope you are having a nice weekend. Tomorrow at 9.45am we are going to be having our first live session which will be Maths based. Please could you make sure you have a pencil, your maths book and a copy of these shapes cut out ready to use. We will be using Google Classroom for the live session. The session will last around 20 minutes.

Hope to see you there,

Miss Clarke x


Dear parents,

From Monday of next week we will be starting to deliver some remote learning via live teaching sessions streamed from school, using the platforms GoogleMeet and Zoom.  All year groups will be trialing sessions next week with the aim of fully embedding it into the daily timetable for children from the week after.

Your child’s class teacher will be in touch to inform you as to when these sessions will take place, using which platform and how your child can access them.

Before these sessions take place, we are seeking consent from parents for children to participate these, which includes agreeing to a set of rules and expectations around this.  The consent form can be found and completed using the following link, or by following the link from the home learning and Covid-19 menu items at the top of the homepage.

We also now have a Remote Learning Policy, which contains more specific information around how remote teaching and live sessions will take place.  This can also be accessed from the Home Learning and Covid-19 menu items.

Thank you.

Hello Year 2!

Hello everyone,

It was lovely to talk to some of you today and catch up about your Christmas. I hope your first couple of days of homelearning have been ok. I am really interested to see how you have got on so please do send pictures of your work to 🙂


Parents: if you have any feedback about how the work has been set or any more information you felt you needed, please let me know!


Speak soon and take care


Miss Clarke x




We hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas. Following the Government announcement yesterday, we would like to inform you that as it stands presently, All Souls School will reopen on Tuesday 5th January as usual. As we have to keep classroom windows open, please ensure children have a couple of extra layers under their tracksuits in order to keep them warm. Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. Happy New Year from all the All Souls staff.

We have been getting into the festive spirit this week in Year 6, wearing our Christmas jumpers, eating Christmas dinner and enjoying a visit from our friend, Olaf! 

We also enjoyed taking part in the Christmas Chocolate Raffle – thank you to all those who bought tickets!

We hope you enjoy your Christmas cards as much as we enjoyed making them! 

Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year. Stay safe! With love from all of Year 6 x