Year 6’s Class Saint

Our Class Saint is Saint Pope John Paul II.

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Saint Pope John Paul II is the Patron Saint of World Youth Day and his special feast day is October 22nd.

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To celebrate this special feast day, Year 6 are invited to come into school in non-school uniform wearing the colours blue, yellow or red to symbolise his coat of arms.


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During this day, we will complete various activities to find out more about our class Saint and learn about what makes him so special.

Because he was Polish, we are asking children to bring in a Polish item of food (sweet or savoury, home-baked or shop-bought) so that we can share in some tasty treats as part of our celebrations!

Lowicz Twarog Half Fat Curd Cheese 250G 7 Days Cocoa Filled Croissant 60G

Lajkonik Paluszki Salted Sticks 300GGoplana Grzeski Chocolate Wafer 36G Mayonnaise 400MlKuchnia Polska Sour Cucumber 700G

Mixing and matching

With the support of Ms Quinn through this afternoon, Year 4 have worked on their colour theory by mixing very exact amounts of the primary colours to make many different shades.


Check out our colour wheels, I think they look excellent!

A very special trip

We were delighted to celebrate our first mass of the year! We were able to share in our mass with Year 2 and Year 3 who were just as excited to be there as we were.

We can’t wait to celebrate more masses with our parish community.

Year 4’s Water Cycle

We got outside in the glorious weather today to make massive chalk diagrams of the water cycle. Can you see each step of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection?

Pledge 101: Singing in the rain

Year 6 embraced the rain today and released their beautiful singing voices and dance moves to tick one of their 101 things from the All Souls’ Pledge off!


Practical Maths

We loved using the place value counters to create, calculate and prove it!

We also enjoyed using dice and the game Yahtzee to put our skills into practice and compete against our partners!


We would like to say well done to all the children in Reception who managed their first full day with a smile on their faces.   They coped well in the dinning hall and on the playground at lunchtime.

Today we did out first phoneme ‘S’.  The challenge for them is to find something at home beginning with that phoneme (the sound the letter makes). Please help them to do this for the first few times and then hopefully they will be able to complete this task on their own.

Tomorrow is our first PE lesson.  We will encourage the children to get themselves dressed and undressed but will help with buttons.

Please can you compete the data forms in order that we can post some photographs of the things the children have been doing

Welcome back!

What a fabulous first week in Year 6! 

The children have loved being reunited with their friends and getting to know their (lovely!) teachers. They have all been very keen to get stuck into their new roles and all the responsibilities that come with being the oldest pupils in the school – even the minor things like sitting on the benches in assemblies and eating their lunch al fresco most days!

We are all super excited for the year ahead! 

A lovely treat to start the week!

The whole school were treated to ice-lollies today to keep them cool as the temperatures soar.  It is lovely to see year groups back together and enjoying playtimes in the sun.