Our learning so far in 2022…

This week we have finally written our film reviews about Paw Patrol after going to the cinema in November to watch it! Here are a few great examples of what the children said.

Next week we begin our new unit about traditional tales.

We have also started our new learning about Data. We have been able to collect information using a tally chart and today we created a pictogram about the colours in a bag of skittles!

Next week we are creating block diagrams and answering questions about data.

We also named our gluesticks today in hope that we look after them as best of we can! Bill, Fred, Ron, Stan and Trevor are all relaxed now ready for the weekend!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Clarke x

What’s the password?

To finish off our unit of Sound in Science lessons, today Year 4 had their hearing tested.

Half of the class created a set of secret words for the other half to listen to at different distances so we could decide how distance affects sound.

Some words were trickier to hear than others, but most of us could hear clearly up to around 30/40 metres away.

Year 6’s History Day

History Day: Significant Wars

We loved dressing up as soldiers, lieutenants, evacuees and land girls today to represent our history unit: Significant Wars.

We began celebrating History Day today by sharing with the rest of the school what we have learnt about ‘Significant Wars’ so far.

We spent the day doing carousel activities to use sources to find out when and where different wars began, what caused them, who were involved, how and when they ended and the impact of them on people’s lives. We were then greeted by a special visitor who came to talk to use about his experience of war and his service as a Grenadier guard. John explained his role, let us try on his bear skin, answered lots of or questions and taught us how to march!

We had a great day immersing ourselves in history!



History Day

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed being historians today.

Our history day began with an assembly delivered by Miss Piercy which taught us all about the importance of chronology. We then took it in turns to let the rest of the school know what we have been learning about in history this term!


Year 6 have created their own baby Jesus to take to Mass on this Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) to be blessed by Father Paul.

We look forward to seeing our families gathered together in collective worship during this special season of Advent.