Subject Lead:  Mr Andy Cooke [email protected] 

The curriculum for Music at All Souls builds upon the programme of study outlined in the National Curriculum for England which can be found here

What is our vision for Music at All Souls?

At All Souls Catholic Primary School we firmly believe that ‘Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity’ (National Curriculum 2013) and that whether performing, composing, singing or listening, every child should be given the opportunity to develop and foster a lifelong love of music.  Through a high quality, deliberate and progressive curriculum we aim to equip children with the knowledge and skills to both critically engage with and appreciate music in an articulate and increasingly technical way, and also skilfully perform, across a range of disciplines, with confidence, expression and a clear understanding of what it is they are communicating.  The Music curriculum provides a unique opportunity for all children, including those who are disadvantaged or recognised as having SEND, to express themselves freely and creatively, whilst growing in self-confidence, worth and assurance.  It also allows children to express themselves both as an individual, developing their own personal taste, opinions and preferences, but also in a collaborate and highly social manner through sharing in the appreciation of live and recorded music and contributing to the creation and performance of music for others.  As a Catholic school, music plays a significant role in the celebration of our faith as we gather together to collectively praise and worship God.  Equally, it presents an opportunity to explore and develop an increasing understanding of the diversity of our world and the different cultures within it.  We hope that our Music curriculum instils and nurtures a personal love and appreciation of music, and equips our children with the necessary skills so that music remains an important, unique and long lasting part of their lives.

How do we achieve this vision?

Music Curriculum Map & Progression of Knowledge and Skills