Early Years Jubilee Celebrations

Reception and Nursery had a lovely day today celebrating the platinum Jubilee.  We played games and completed lots of different crafts.  We then ended the day with a party outdoors with jelly and ice cream.

Reception Memory Walk

Reception helped Mrs Jilks practise for her Memory walk for the Alzheimer’s Charity.  We chose this worthy cause for our class fund raiser.  Thank you for all your donations we managed to raise over £400 pounds!

British Science Week Celebrations!

This Wednesday, we have all enjoyed a day full of Science in celebration of British Science Week. This year’s theme has been “Growth”.

Each class has had a chance to try out a range of scientific activities around the school.

In the Year 3 classroom (and outside) children have created and tested penguin nests to protect eggs from wind, rain and predators and allow them to grow into the next generation.

Some nests were more successful than others:


In Year 5, children mixed a specific set of ingredients to create slime and observe how it grows when it stretches.

In Year 4, children observed how different animals grow and adapt in response to their surroundings. We drew our careful observations and classified the animals based on their specific features.

In Year 6, minds were boggled as lines and objects appeared to grow all by themselves as children discovered different optical illusions.
Which line do you think is the longest?

(They’re all the same size!)


In Year 2, children tested out chemical reactions and measured how much balloons grew as a result of created gas. Which gas is made when bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are mixed?

Year 1 have been studying our neighbouring planet – Mars. Children have thought about how an animal may grow if it was living with Mars-like conditions of gravity, oxygen and weather.

Children also worked to create structures of how humans might develop and grow bases on Mars.

Finally, a big thank you to parents and children for some fantastic scientist costumes on display!

Science Day

Reception have had a fun day conducting some amazing experiments.  Some of the things we made were rainbows, volcanoes, invisible ink messages, dancing pictures and planted seeds. Below are some photographs from the day.

Busy Last Week of Term

We explored the Sacrament of Baptism and role played the different roles and parts of the service.  We ended the week with a picnic with our traditional tale toys and had our faces painted to match!

We also did lots of Mathematics, exploring height, time and the composition of 6,7 and 8.


A week in Reception!

We have been consolidating our Mathematic skills in a variety of different ways.  We read the Three Billy Goats Gruff and then thought about how the goats could cross the river if they couldn’t use the bridge.  We made boats using plasticine, changing the properties of the plasticine to make it float and also made planes to fly them across!  We made gliders we that  we bought and made our own from paper.  We flew the planes to see how far they would fly,  our paper made planes went as far as the others.  In RE we listened to the story of The Feeding of The Five Thousand. We acted the story out and realised how special Jesus making the food feed everyone.  This story showed us how he loves and cares for us all.

A week in Reception!

We have been very busy this week.  We have visited the Church and found out about the role of Father Paul, talked about the Church and wrote a prayer together.

We read Goldilocks and Three Bears and completed lots of activities around this.   We wrote the recipe for porridge and we tasted porridge and made a graph of our favourite.  We made puppets to use to retell the story.

We have also been looking at addition and making number sentences.

Traditional Tales

Reception have been enjoying a variety of activities when learning about traditional tales.  They designed baskets for Little Red Riding Hood, wrote recipes and tasted porridge like The Three Bears, built houses out of straw, sticks and bricks like the Three Little Pigs and made puppets of the characters.   Below are just a few of the activities they enjoyed.


Ash End Farm

Reception had a great day despite the weather!  We helped to feed the animals, listened to the Nativity story and met Father Christmas.


Thank you to all our helpers who helped to make the day special.  Here are some photographs of our day, I apologise for the amount but it was hard to choose what to include.