Planting flowers and vegetable.




We have planted potatoes, spinach, beetroot, lettuce, radish, and rocket. We helped to sow the seeds and now need to remember to water them!  We also planted some flower bulbs into our pots in the outdoor area.  We are looking forward to having some lovely colourful plants.  Indoors we have planted a sunflower seed.  We are going to bring these home when they start to grow and plant them in our gardens.  There will be a prize for the tallest flower!


It’s great to be back!

We have been exploring symmetry, sharing and turn taking, thinking about how we can help others during Lent, finding out about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly and  making cookies and cards for Mother’s Day.  What a busy week!  The children all did really well and settled back in with ease.

Peace and Christmas around the World

We held our Advent Prayer Service and thought about how we could bring peace to others. We made peace hearts to let Year 4 we are thinking about them this weekend.

We found out how people in Poland and Italy celebrate Christmas.  Pietro helped us to learn about Italy and Julian about Poland.  Thank you for the lovely spiced cake Pietro.

We had a fun day on Friday in our Christmas Jumpers and we also recorded our part for the Christmas video.   The jumpers can be worn again on Christmas Dinner day next week. Next Friday will be our last day before Christmas so we are going to watch the Polar Express and have some hot chocolate and treats.  The children in Reception are invited to come to school in their Pyjamas.

Advent activities and more!

We started the week by making an Advent Wreath.  We all helped to put in the leaves and holly.  We then held a lovely Prayer Service.

We started the week by making an Advent Wreath. We all helped and then held a lovely Prayer Service to begin the season of Advent.

We made shortbread to celebrate St Andrew’s Day.

On Tuesday Mrs Cannon came down to say that she had just had some very exciting visitors.  They were two of Santa’s Elves who brought us a reply to our letters for Father Christmas.


We continued our preparations for Advent by making cards and writing a letter to the residents of The Spinney.  We hope that they will make them happy during these strange times.

We carried on with our Advent preparations by making cards and writing a letter the residents of The Spinney. We hope that they help to cheer them up in these strange times..

We continued our preparations for Advent by making cards and writing a letter to the Residents of The Spinney.  We hope that they make them smile.


We listened to the Annunciation Story and then took it in turns to act out the story.  We talked about how Mary would have felt and if we would have said ‘Yes’.


In RE we read the Annunciation Story and then took turns to act the story out. We talked about how Mary would have felt and if we would have said 'yes'.

On Thursday we had a very special  Advent Service when we joined with Nursery to link with Father Paul.  It was lovely to  feel part of the Church community again and share the service.

We also managed to fit in daily phonics, number 5 work in Mathematics, learn a new word in our Word Aware programme and make Nativity pictures!

Pencil Skills, Scissor Skills and Letter Writing !


We have been talking about the season of winter and made some winter pictures.

We practised our scissor skills cutting out hands to make a very important wreath for Advent.

In our Literacy lesson we wrote a very important letter to Father Christmas.  We are hoping that we might get a reply this week.  We will let you know!

Our Word Aware word this week was ‘side’. Next week we will find out about ‘Up’.

Birthday Celebrations







We have had a lovely week getting ready to share Concept Cat’s Birthday.  The children wrote invitations, made cards and wrote out party food lists.  We played pass the parcel and danced to disco music.  The food was good and we then sang Happy Birthday  and shared the cake.  

Bonfire noises!

We celebrated Bonfire night by making firework pictures, recording our firework noises and making chocolate apples. 

We have been exploring numbers 1-3.  We have sorted objects and ourselves and also practised writing numbers.   

We met Concept Cat who is going to be helping us to learn all about words and their meaning. This weeks word was ‘Back’. 

This week we will be finding out about Diwali, Remembrance Day, wedding celebrations and ending on Friday by dressing down for Children in Need. A very busy week!



A very busy week

We have been counting and matching, exploring Autumn, desinging and making brick houses

We have been very busy this week counting and matching, exploring Autumn, practising phonics, building bricks houses for the Three Little Pigs and looking at different homes around the world.  We ended the week playing some board games to practise sharing and turn taking.  Next week we will be finding out about our class saint Mother Theresa and learning how to measure height.

Harvest gifts, pirates and pigs!

Thank you so much for your very generous donations for our Harvest celebrations.  The charities receiving them will be most grateful.

Reception have had a exciting week with visits from pirates and building houses out of straw (Three Little Pigs) just two of the highlights.  Both topics involved mathematics, literacy and understanding of the world in a fun way.  The children now know that a house built of straw is not the best material to use, particularly when its windy (and cleaning up the mess by the staff will not be forgotten either!)   They also had fun creating their own maps after following the one the pirates left to find treasure.

Phonemes this week were f ff l ll h b ss  we will be recapping these next week to consolidate

Have a lovely weekend.