Phoneme Update

This week’s phonemes are   i,n,m.d  We will practise these daily on  Monday to Thursday and consolidate on Friday.

In our RE sessions this week we will be looking at the talents that God gave us.  Please could you send in a photograph of your child doing something they are good at.  This might be riding a bike,  baking, dancing, football, colouring etc.

Below are a few photographs of our first week at school.

Thank you for your support.

We went on a walk to find some of the things that God created.


We would like to say well done to all the children in Reception who managed their first full day with a smile on their faces.   They coped well in the dinning hall and on the playground at lunchtime.

Today we did out first phoneme ‘S’.  The challenge for them is to find something at home beginning with that phoneme (the sound the letter makes). Please help them to do this for the first few times and then hopefully they will be able to complete this task on their own.

Tomorrow is our first PE lesson.  We will encourage the children to get themselves dressed and undressed but will help with buttons.

Please can you compete the data forms in order that we can post some photographs of the things the children have been doing

Reception Tooth Experiment!

We have been thinking about how important it is to look after our teeth.  We have conducted an experiment to find out what drink is best for our teeth.  We used chalk to represent our teeth and placed it in cola, milk, water, blackcurrant juice and black tea.  We are going to check them daily to find out what happens.  Ask your child on Friday what we found out!    

Church Visit

We were very excited today to be able to visit the Church. Father Paul told us all about the Easter Candle. We enjoyed looking around the Church and pointing out the different things we saw. Thank you Father Paul.

Well done Reception you showed lots of knowledge and were very well behaved.

Keep fit challange

This week we are thinking about how we keep fit and well.  We made an obstacle course in the outdoor area,  The children took it in turns to see how quickly they could complete the course.  Well done to Dougie who completed it in the shortest time.

Fruit from around the World

This week we have been thinking about the different foods we eat.  Yesterday we did observational drawings of some fruit from different places around the world.  The children looked carefully at the fruit and then drew them; thinking carefully about what colours to use.  Today we looked at where the food came from and then cut them up to taste them.  We made a Tally Chart showing our favourite fruit.   

Reading update

We are pleased to be able to say that the Reception children will be bringing home a reading book this week.  All children who have returned their reading books will be given a book on Monday.  This book needs to be returned, in their plastic folder, on Friday.     The children will also read in school but the extra reading at home will help support their learning.

This week will we be finding out what foods we need to eat to keep healthy, tasting a variety of exotic  fruit, we will be counting out objects to 20 and learning about one more and one less and  thinking about how the disciples felt at Easter.

Planting flowers and vegetable.




We have planted potatoes, spinach, beetroot, lettuce, radish, and rocket. We helped to sow the seeds and now need to remember to water them!  We also planted some flower bulbs into our pots in the outdoor area.  We are looking forward to having some lovely colourful plants.  Indoors we have planted a sunflower seed.  We are going to bring these home when they start to grow and plant them in our gardens.  There will be a prize for the tallest flower!


It’s great to be back!

We have been exploring symmetry, sharing and turn taking, thinking about how we can help others during Lent, finding out about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly and  making cookies and cards for Mother’s Day.  What a busy week!  The children all did really well and settled back in with ease.