Y2 in Forest School!

We’ve had our first forest school session this week getting to know the area. The children were tasked with finding 3 things smaller than their thumb as well as having some free time to make, play, climb and build! We’re excited for our next session already!

Forest School Friday

Well our first forest school session just so happened to be on one of hottest days of the year but we were so grateful for the cool shade.

We explored the rules of forest school and then set to building homes for animals that we would find around our school environment.

The children worked brilliantly together and we cooled off with ice lollies at the end. We can’t wait for next week!


Brightening up the forest school!

A huge thank you to Mrs Elkins who has helped the children in Year 2 create this beautiful mural on the fence in the forest school. The children have added their own mini beast to the fence which will hopefully be there for years to come. It has brightened up the forest school area and we can’t wait for the other year groups to see it!

Consolidating our maths learning in Forest School

Year 2 used their forest school slot this week to recap the things that they have learnt in the classroom. First, we went on a numbers hunt to find odd and even numbers.

Then we made 2D shapes out of sticks and stones. Do you recognise some of these shapes?

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Year 6 used their teamwork and malleting skills today to create a course with sticks. They then tied rope in all different directions before attempting to make their way through the obstacle course. It was great to see them all working together to complete the task.

Year One LOVE Forest School!

Year One have absolutely loved being in the forest area this week.

From fixing a rope swing, making a kitchen area and creating a seesaw they have really applied themselves to meaningful play in this area.

As much as I’d love to say a cheer fills the air when I tell them it is time for handwriting, it definitely does when I say it is time for forest school. The forest school is unquestionably one of their favourite parts of provision they access in school and we love taking them there.

The skills they gain in this area are invaluable and we have already seen an increase in their resilience and confidence back in the classroom. We hope it continues in the coming months.

Year 5’s first few weeks

Year 5 have enjoyed a successful return to school. Our first few weeks back together have been full of smiles, laughs and a lot of hard work both in the classroom and outside. Highlights have included:


Using maths skills in an unexpected location.




Setting ourselves up for success for our first class trip.



Putting our skills into practise at Quarry Park Disc Golf Course with help from Mr Youson and Mr Regan.



Exploring the forest school and developing our teamwork skills.


What can you do with a stick?

Using the power of their imaginations, Year 4 created a whole range of stick-related-activities within the Forest School this week. 


We had: -a bow and arrow

-a very handsome mustache

-a pull up bar

-a pick-axe

-a tug of war

and even our very own stick delivery service!

Forest School Fun!

Year 6 are loving their time spent outdoors in our forest school.

We have been practising our weaving skills, mallet skills, den-building skills and climbing skills, as well as using our imaginations!