Ash Wednesday – We begin our Lenten Journey

Today marks the beginning of our Lenten journey. Next week, when we are back to learning, we will be having daily reflections about this special season which will be accessed through Google Classroom. Please find below a copy of the Lenten calendar from Walk with Me, do your best at home to live out some of these daily challenges.

Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter. It is a time of reflection where we reflect on who we are and the people we aspire to be. Today and in the coming weeks, we aim to focus on our relationship with God, often through choosing to give up something or to volunteer and give of ourselves for others. As we think about these promises, let us think of making a true sacrifice as an individual or as a family to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

This special time marks the beginning and the end. We came from love, we live in love, we return to love. May our Lenten journey as our All Souls’ family be a sharing of this love with all creation by opening our hearts to Him in trust. May our Lenten promise focus on creating in us quiet places where God can refresh and heal us, and we can come and rest awhile.

May we remember that ‘we are dust and to dust we shall return.’


Happy New Year, Year 3 !

Happy New Year,  Year 3!


I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and have enjoyed your time off. Wish we were together but I can’t wait to hear about all you have been up to very soon. Please work hard for everyone at home and I will speak to you all very soon.


Work has been added to your Google Classroom if you need anything I am just an email away.

[email protected]


Look forward to seeing all your hard work.

Miss Hayden x

A HUGE thank you!

A massive thank you for all of your kind donations for the local care homes. We were completely blown away by the sheer amount of treats from all of you, as were the care homes. All of the hampers were dropped off, with the letters and cards, on Friday and every single care home asked us to pass our thanks on. Due to your generosity, we have made someone’s Christmas a little brighter.

Thank you!

Donation Drive for local care homes

Our Christmas cards and letters have been written ready to send to 6 of our local care homes. We are hoping to put together a little hamper for each care home to give them a special gift and hopefully bring a smile to a face or two but we need your help to do that.

Whether it is a box of mince pies, packet of biscuits, some chocolate treats, shower gel or other toiletries, anything you can donate would be gratefully received to send to these care homes.

Please send any donations in with your children on Friday (11th December) so we can deliver them to the care homes in time for Christmas.

Many Thanks in advance for your support x

The Month of the Holy Rosary

As the month of October draws to a close we shared in a whole school prayer service, via Zoom, to pray the Rosary together.

We reflected on the Luminous Mysteries, meditating on these Mysteries of Light work to bring us a deeper understanding to the life of Jesus. They fill in the spaces for the lesser known areas of the childhood of Jesus and His suffering and death on the cross.

Five brilliant readers from Year Six treated us to the readings of scripture of these five mysteries and the other classes joined in with prayer and reflection.

It was a joy to see all the year groups from Reception through to Year Six sharing in such a special prayer.

We Took our Grammar Lesson Outside!

We have been learning about the importance of punctuation in our sentences. We had to orienteer to find words and then we had to be detectives to see what sentence Miss Hayden was trying to hide. We found the biggest clues to be capital letters for the start of the sentence and proper nouns. The full stop showed where the sentence ended.








We practised our problem-solving and teamwork skills.




Year Three’s R.E. Homework

As part of their R.E. unit entitled ‘Belonging’, Year Three are learning about the sacrament of baptism. The children have been asked to find out information about their own baptisms. They have been asked the following questions:

  • Where and when were you baptised?
  • What was the name of the priest who baptised you?
  • What name or names were you given at your baptism?
  • Who are your godparents and how are they related to you?
  • What clothing did you wear for your baptism?
  • What special memories do you, your parents and godparents have of your baptismal day?

Please can I ask parents to email me a copy of your child’s answers to these questions and any photographs you may wish to send in, in order to avoid the need for items to be brought into school. Please can these be sent before or by Monday, 28th September. I will print out any information and photographs sent so that the children will be able to share what they have learnt about their special day with the others in their class during our lesson on Tuesday, 29th September. My email address is [email protected]

Thank you for your support.

We are Year 3

What can I say!

It has been an absolute pleasure meeting and getting to know you, Year 3. We have had so much fun the last few days and I cannot wait for the rest of the year. We have been doing lots of fun activities to help with our communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. They have settled back into school life quickly and sensibly. They should be extremely proud of themselves.

Here are just a few activities we did this week:

We have made towers in our new pairs, out of marshmallows and spaghetti. We learnt how to share our ideas effectively and that everyone has different ideas. All the towers looked different. We talked about the importance in being individual and respecting everyone’s ideas and opinions.

We made comic scripts about having a growth mind-set and never giving up. In year 3, we CAN! It has been amazing to see the ‘can do’ attitude from all the children during all the activities.

We did the egg challenge, which consisted of making an egg survive a 9- foot drop. The children had to use their communication, teamwork and problem solving skills, we had learnt earlier in the week to create something that would allow the egg to drop without being smashed.

It was lovely to see the difference in how they communicated at the start and end of the week. Everyone felt comfortable to share their idea and have a go. There was lots of experimenting before committing to how they were going to make sure the egg was safe. Only 4 eggs smashed in the classroom before they were tested.

Then we tested their creations to see if they worked. It is safe to say, some worked better than others. We spoke about the success and what went wrong. We spoke about how we could improve and what we would do differently next time. Learning from our mistakes is the most important part of learning.

We went back to the Stone Age and learnt why they needed to build fires and the importance for them to do so. We talked about the differences between heating, cooking and light now and then. What we use to light fires and what they used? We spoke about the risks and how we can keep ourselves and others safes. Then we went into the forest school area and lit small fires with a steel flint. We know in the Stone Age they used pieces of flint stones banged together to create a spark but Miss Hayden didn’t have all week.

My favourite picture:
The amazement in their faces that one of their friends managed to light their fire.

I hope they have enjoyed their first week in year 3, as much as we have. We are very lucky to have them all in our class. Keep up your amazing hard work.

We are YEAR 3, we are one TEAM and we CAN!

Welcome to Year 3,

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:
[email protected]

Stay Safe,
Miss Hayden and Miss McGaffney