Religious Education

Member of staff responsible for R.E: Mrs K McGovern

An overview of the catholic life of our school

At All Souls’ School the staff and Governors endeavour to provide the children with a variety of religious and spiritual experiences.

The following is an overview of the Catholic life of our school.

Sacramental Preparation


Year 3 receive the sacrament of Reconciliation in the spring term. The children are prepared by their class teacher using the Diocesan RE strategy with some additional materials compiled by school. Preparation for Reconciliation is delivered through monthly meets combined with preparation for First Holy Communion. The sacrament takes place in church with the children and their families present. A short reflective service takes place before the children receive the sacrament on an individual basis. Following reception of the sacrament, the children and their families have some quiet moments of prayer.  Parents are very much encouraged to go to confession on this occasion as role models of the faith for their children.

First Holy Communion:

Year 3 receive the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist during the spring or summer term. The programme of study starts with a mass of commitment in the autumn term. The children are prepared by their teacher using the Diocesan RE strategy. Throughout the course of the year, there are 10 monthly evening meetings with parents as part of the preparation programme.

Year 6 receive the sacrament of confirmation, dependent upon the times given to us by the Diocese.  A mass of commitment mass takes place early in the spring term.

An evening meeting is held with parents as part of the preparation programme.  Teaching is taken from the Diocesan RE strategy. Confirmation is taught throughout the school year. It is seen as an integral part of the children’s journey of faith, not just as a standalone unit.  The Sacrament of Confirmation always takes place on a Sunday mass enabling the Parish community to witness this major celebration within our community. It is very well supported by the children’s families, the parish and choir


As the mass is the centre of the liturgical worship in the Catholic Church, it has an established place in the life of the school. A timetable for each term is planned by the Headteacher and parish priest to include commitment masses and Parish links. The children are involved in planning and the celebration of mass.

Each class attends mass in our parish church on a rolling programme, several masses led by the children are held throughout the year:

Family Mass

A lovely opportunity for school and parish to join together in the celebration of mass. Held monthly at All Souls Church, 9.15am mass.

Prayer Services 

Prayer services are held on a weekly basis within classrooms as part of the children’s Religious Education programme and collective worship.

Children are encouraged to prepare and lead the prayer service.

On occasion classes join together to share prayer services.

Classes are encouraged to visit St Francis’s prayer garden and take time to reflect and pray for particular intentions

Prayer Friends

Within the first weeks of the school year. Reception children are paired with a child from Year 6 who is their Prayer Friend. The children share a variety of religious and non –religious activities together. Year 6 children accompany their prayer friends to mass. They guide them through the early stages of their journey of faith.

Wednesday Word

We send a copy of the Wednesday Word home to every family in our school community.

The Wednesday Word is a double sided A4 leaflet which explains the Sunday Gospel. The children receive the leaflet to take home to share with the rest of their family. This creates an opportunity for the Word to be present in the homes of each family connected to our school.


Monday morning assemblies are usually liturgical in nature and are taken by the Headteacher, the Deputy Headteacher or a member of Leadership Team.

Friday assemblies are Super Star assemblies. A time to reflect on the week, for children’s achievements both at school and home to be acknowledged and celebrated. Super Stars assemblies always begin and end with prayer and hymn singing.

Each class presents an assembly to parents, grandparents and friends once a year based on a theme from their Religious Education programme or Project.

Dates and times for these assemblies will be published on the school web-site and within the class newsletter.

Children’s achievements and talents are recognised and celebrated through ‘mini’ assemblies throughout the school year. For example piano or dance assembly.

Parents and family of the children participating are invited to attend these assemblies.

House Points System 

The school operates a house point system. Children from Years 1 to 6 are organised into four ‘houses’ named after places important in the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

Bethlehem, Nazareth, Cana & Jerusalem

Throughout the school day children have the opportunity to be awarded house points by all staff members. House points are awarded for both academic achievement and displaying Christian values.

Each house has a Year 6 child as a house captain. During Friday Superstar Assemblies house points are collected and rewards given to the winning house. On occasion children from the different houses join together to participate in whole school activities.


Children are encouraged to bring their Rosary beads to school especially during October and May.

A weekly Rosary Prayer Service is held each Wednesday in the Prayer Garden.

Special Liturgical celebrations 

Foundation Stage & KS1 perform a Christmas play over two days in the school hall.  This reflects the story of the Nativity.  Parents, families and parishioners are invited.

Key Stage Two are involved in the presentation of the passion, the death and the resurrection of Jesus. This is presented to the whole school and parents.  It is a deeply moving and spiritual experience for all and is used as a teaching tool during Holy Week.

Hymn Practice

Hymn practice is held every Wednesday morning and has a high priority within the school curriculum.


  • The school is very active in supporting charities
  • The following are the main areas which the children choose to support:


Cancer Research

Zoe’s Place

Macmillan Coffee – Morning, usually held on St Patricks Day


An overview of the Catholic Curriculum of our school

Catholic Curriculum

At All Souls Catholic Primary School we follow the Archdiocese of Birmingham’s Curriculum Strategy for Religious Education in Catholic Schools called “Learning and growing as people of God”. The strategy clearly lays out the steps to be taken in RE at each stage of the Primary Years. We then adapt this in order to make our lessons enjoyable and challenging for our children.

As part of the strategy the children learn about what it is to live as Christians today, how the Church is organised from global to parish level and also the opportunities which exist for them to participate in the life of the Church. Throughout the year the children also learn about the Liturgical Seasons and have opportunities to link learning to prayer and reflection. The Christian values of our school permeate the whole curriculum.

Re Strategy for each Year Group


Reception: Creation God’s Creation, Prayer, Advent, Christmas, People who care for us, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, People who help us, Pentecost, Prayer

Year 1: Creation, Families and Celebrations, Prayer, Advent, Christmas, Jesus, Teacher and Healer, Lent, Holy Week, Easter,  Sharing Jesus’ life, Pentecost, Forgiveness, Following Jesus Today

Year 2: Old Testament Stories and Prayer, Parables and Miracles, Advent, Christmas, Special Celebrations, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Our Church, Pentecost, The Mass, Sharing in the life of Jesus

Year 3: Belonging-We gather as God’s family, Reconciliation, Advent, Christmas, We listen to God’s word at Mass, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, The Eucharist is a thanksgiving to God, Pentecost, and Prayer

Year 4: Creation and the Story of Abraham, Jesus teaches us how to pray, Advent, Christmas, Jesus light of the world, Moses-King David, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Sharing in the Life of Christ, Special roles and responsibilities

Year 5: Creation, Miracles and sacraments of the sick, Advent, Christmas, Baptism, Parables, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Marriage and Holy Orders, The work of the Apostles

Year 6: Story of the people of God. Celebrating the life of Mary and the saints, Baptism and Confirmation celebrations, Advent, Christmas, Followers of Christ, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Prayers in the lives of Followers of Christ, Pentecost, Belonging to the Church Community


Curriculum Overview