British Science Week Celebrations!

This Wednesday, we have all enjoyed a day full of Science in celebration of British Science Week. This year’s theme has been “Growth”.

Each class has had a chance to try out a range of scientific activities around the school.

In the Year 3 classroom (and outside) children have created and tested penguin nests to protect eggs from wind, rain and predators and allow them to grow into the next generation.

Some nests were more successful than others:


In Year 5, children mixed a specific set of ingredients to create slime and observe how it grows when it stretches.

In Year 4, children observed how different animals grow and adapt in response to their surroundings. We drew our careful observations and classified the animals based on their specific features.

In Year 6, minds were boggled as lines and objects appeared to grow all by themselves as children discovered different optical illusions.
Which line do you think is the longest?

(They’re all the same size!)


In Year 2, children tested out chemical reactions and measured how much balloons grew as a result of created gas. Which gas is made when bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are mixed?

Year 1 have been studying our neighbouring planet – Mars. Children have thought about how an animal may grow if it was living with Mars-like conditions of gravity, oxygen and weather.

Children also worked to create structures of how humans might develop and grow bases on Mars.

Finally, a big thank you to parents and children for some fantastic scientist costumes on display!

British Science Week

We will be celebrating British Science Week from the 14th – 18th March 2022.

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. The theme this year is ‘Growth’.

To celebrate, throughout the week, we will be doing lots of exploration around the theme of growth and the Science all around us which will involve a whole school carousel of investigations and maybe even some animals to meet.

On Wednesday 16th March, we are inviting children to come into school dressed as a famous or crazy Scientist for a £1 donation to go towards our Science curriculum.

Image result for mad scientist child fancy dressImage result for mad scientist outfit

Keep an eye on the blog during the week to find out what we get up to!


A busy week in Nursery

We have been busy bees in Nursery this week. As well as role playing Baby Peter’s Baptism we have been doing lots of activities about heavy/light objects, comparing the weight of objects and using the balancing scales. Today Myself and Mrs McCloskey took all of your generous donations of childrens clothes and toys to GrowKids in Foleshill  -they said a BIG THANK YOU and were very appreciative of all of the things that the children brought in.

I name you…….

There was great excitement in Nursery this morning. The children came dressed in their best party clothes to celebrate Baby Peter’s baptism. Father Paul very kindly role played a baptism for us with Rose and Flynn as the parents, Erin and Harrison as God parents and Bertie as assistant priest. We of course also had to celebrate with a party!

House Points!

Well done to Jerusalem who were this week’s winners! 

And Repeat!

This week in Nursery we have been making lots of repeating patterns using different materials such as pasta shapes, coloured lolly sticks and beads. The trickiest bit was spotting mistakes in repeating patterns – we really had to concentrate and use our eyes carefully! The children have really enjoyed learning and performing our rhyme of the week ‘Down at the Station’ which was a little trickier than usual – we are looking forward to next Friday’s Nursery Rhyme X Factor with anticipation.

Nursery Safer Internet Day

We used familiar fairy tales and gave the characters different dilemmas that the children had to help them with so they could make the right choice and stay safe. Today we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and talked about not talking to strangers ( and definitely not walk into their house and eat their porridge!)  and who we would ask for help if we got lost in the supermarket.