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Here you can see what the children in Year 6 have in store as the year goes by, keep up-to-date with key dates for your diary and also access important documents such as class newsletters, curriculum overviews and year group expectations. Additionally, here is link to our class blog which will keep you up to date with what is happening in Year 6.

Year 6 Team: 


For many reasons, Year 6 will be the most important year of your child’s educational life so far and the class have a lot ahead of them, in terms of their academic, personal and faith journeys, especially since we already know their huge potential! Year 6 is very much a transitional year as the children reach the end of Key Stage 2, end their time in primary education and take their first steps towards adulthood. I am confident that this class can rise to the challenges presented by Year 6; they have started to show this by establishing themselves as positive role models and grasping all the opportunities, roles and responsibilities that have been thrown their way already. We ask children to be ready, respectful, and safe here at school and will only ever expect the children to try their best. In return, they are sure to have their best year yet – and last year will need some topping!

Autumn Term Curriculum Overview:

Below is an overview of the curriculum that will be covered in Year 6 this term. However, like all good plans, there is likely to be some variance as the term progresses; this will be updated as and when necessary:

*Alongside this, we will also be aiming to tick off as many of our 101 tasks from the All Souls’ 101 Pledge*


Homework tasks will continue to focus on children’s reading, writing and regular practice of times tables and spellings. These basic skills are vital to their education. Keeping up with their practising of these basic skills and learning to apply them in different ways will greatly benefit Year 6 this year. Homework will be set on a Monday (Wednesday for writing) and due in the following Monday, including reading records.

ReadingReading is the most valuable homework that your child could ever do. Whether loved or detested, everybody must read to get about their daily lives and so although we hope all children will love to read, if your child has no interest in developing their reading as a passion, then they must develop it as a skill! I ask for your support in encouraging and monitoring your child’s reading, with an expectation for children to read at home for a minimum of 4 times per week, at least once with an adult, and that you sign their reading record each week to confirm that what is detailed is a true record. We would love our children to take more responsibility for using their reading record as an ongoing journal, jotting down key words, unusual vocabulary, inspiring language choices and their thoughts and feelings so that they can use this to aid their writing and reading discussions in the classroom. Reading records should be brought into school with their reading book and taken home every day to ensure it is an ongoing record. We will collect them in on each Monday so that we can also sign it and monitor their reading diet. Remember that whatever your child’s reading ability, there is much to be gained from spending time reading with your child and discussing books. Please don’t battle with your child over reading: if you are really struggling to get them to do it, please contact me via email or on the gate and I’ll battle with them instead!

Spelling Every week, Year 6 will be tested on their spelling. This test will consist of 5 words from the Y5/6 statutory word list (sent home the week before) and 5 words that are chosen in relation to testing the spelling rule that we have been focusing on in lessons that week. Children who practise their spelling at home as well as at school will always have more success in their spelling tests and using these spellings to support their writing.

SPaG.com/TTRS: Every child should have their login details to both websites through which they can access any homework set via these platforms weekly. If there are any issues around access to a device or the internet, please do let us know as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Other – At other times throughout the year, children may be expected to complete other tasks either in relation to their Sacramental preparation or more targeted exercises to bridge gaps or practise basic skills.

Residential Trip to Plas Dol-y-Moch

As you will be aware, Year 6 are due to visit Plas Dol-y-Moch from Friday 10th November – Tuesday 14th November 2023. Further details will be sent out nearer the time. We are all really looking forward to it and are sure that it will be the highlight of the year. Should you have any questions regarding this residential trip, please let me know. The countdown is on!

Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation is due to take place on Sunday 9th June 2024. The children are very keen to be confirmed and take on the responsibility of becoming full adult members of the church; I am looking forward to guiding them on this journey of faith with the help of Father Paul. Father Paul has spoken with the children this week and has asked that the documents sent out last week are to be returned as possible to the office at Church. We encourage children receiving this Sacrament to attend Mass regularly to grow in their faith and grow in their commitments to serve, read, and support where possible.


All Year 6 children working within National Curriculum requirements are legally obliged to participate in end of Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) which identify the attainment of children in Reading, Writing and Mathematics for national comparison. These tests will take place on the week beginning 13th May 2024; it is crucial that your child attends school during this week. During the coming months, further information and guidance regarding SATs will be issued to you. SATs are not something which either you or your child should be worried about – that is our job! Instead, they should be approached as an opportunity to showcase everything our children have learned throughout their time in Key Stage 2.

Our Class Saint: 

Saint Christopher,

Pray for us.

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