Cancer Research UK

Year 6 have chosen to raise money this Lent for Cancer Research UK.

Our charity - of the ways they have chosen to do this is by donating sweets for a

‘Sweet Tombola’ 

which they will be holding after school on Tuesday 5th April 2022. 

Tickets will be 25p or 5 for £1; if you choose a ticket from the lucky bucket that ends in a 0 or a 5, you will win a prize!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Year 6

Young Writers’ Competition

This Is Me | Young Writers

Year 6 took part in this year’s Young Writer’s competition ‘This is Me!’

There were so many fabulous entries, that even Young Writer’s couldn’t decided just one winner from our class but have chosen to include them all in their book! We are so excited to receive a copy of this year’s poetry book with all of our entries in!

Billionaire Boy

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed going to the theatre today to watch The Billionaire Boy live on stage!

Another one ticked off our Pledge 101! 🙂


Tickets | Billionaire Boy | Palace Theatre Manchester | Manchester | Theatres Online

Tomorrow, Years 3,4,5 and 6 are off to the Belgrade Theatre to watch Billionaire Boy

live on stage!

Here are a few reminders: 

Wear full All Souls tracksuit, appropriate footwear and a waterproof coat (with hood or a hat) as it is forecast to be rather wet and windy

Bring a water bottle and one treat/snack for the interval

Bring a packed lunch to school to eat on return as we are due back later than lunchtime

Gardening Club

Year 4 met with Kevin in the Church garden again today to plant tomato plants and learn all about the ‘self-watering system’.

Trying Zimbabwe food!

Year 2 had a great time trying different foods from Zimbabwe! Thanks so much to parents for making food to send in, we really enjoyed it and hopefully the children found a new favourite recipe!

Thank you!

Thank you to Finn and Lily who learnt how to make the fussiest people on Earth (Mrs H and Mrs Kerry) a good cuppa’ tea!

We can’t wait to train the others up so that they get to tick their pledge off and we get to stay well-hydrated!


Now, settle the debate – at what colour is tea best served? How do you have yours?

Writing for a real purpose and audience

Year 6 have been getting creative with their language and grammatical structures to ensure their audience felt the suspense they were building. they thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to put this to the test, whilst ticking off one of their All Souls’ Pledge 101s by reading their final versions to Year 4.

Year 4 displayed superb listening skills and clearly felt the purpose of this text type as their illustrated responses to the stories they heard were fab!

Thank you year 4 for having us; we look forward to our next get together where we are hoping to listen to some of your work in return:)

Making soup!

Year 2 made our lovely soups this afternoon!
First, we chopped and prepared the vegetables.

Then we added everything into the soup maker and started the soup maker!

And 30 minutes later they were ready to try! I thought they were all really tasty!

Finally we evaluated our soups and thought about things we’d do differently next time.