Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Year 6 wanted to reach out to our wider community to raise awareness for Mental Health and the support that’s available should you feel you need it. They created posters around the theme ‘Tackling Loneliness Together‘ and put them up in our local area.


Walk against Hunger sponsorship

A huge thank you to those who have already donated so generously to our walk against hunger campaign that we completed during the days of Lent. Just a reminder that these donations will be sent next week so please send in what you can.

The children walked over 200km around our playground over the 4 weeks of Lent and spent time reflecting on their own relationship with God as well as gaining a sense of empathy for those in our global community who must walk over 5km a day just to get food and water. Some classes took the challenge to the next level and walked barefoot! A beautiful testament to the lives of others.

Thank you in advance for supporting your children who undertook this wonderful challenge in aid of CAFOD.

Nursery Celebrate St. Bernadette

Our class saint is St.Bernadette, whose feast day was in the Easter holiday on 16th April. Nursery have learnt about the story of St. Bernadette and why she is our special saint. The children enjoyed making roses for our St.Bernadette display and we had a party to celebrate which was great fun. We also have some special guests in Nursery who we are going to look after, watch grow, change and transform into beautiful butterflies, which the children are very excited about.

Speed Sainting

A huge well done to all of the Year 6 children who took part in this evening’s ‘Speed Sainting’ and a massive thank you to all of our parents, families and staff who came along to make the event the success it was.

Making New Friends

Six of our Nursery children went over to the Dementia Group at All Souls’ Church, this morning. It was so lovely to see our children and the group members interacting with each other. We had fun doing art activities and jigsaws and look forward to seeing our new friends again next month.

Speed Sainting

We will be holding our annual ‘Speed Sainting’ event on Wednesday 27th April from 3.30pm-4.30pm.



Year 6 invite their parents, grandparents, sponsors, teachers and governors to come along and take part! This is a great opportunity for the children to speak to a number of different adults about their choice of Saint, presenting their project and answering a variety of questions, in preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.

As always, we appreciate your support in helping make these events worthwhile.

Alleluia! Alleluia! He is Risen!

Easter is the greatest and the most important feast in the Church. Today is a day of joy and celebration for Lent is over and we welcome Easter with happy and humble hearts. It marks the birth of our eternal hope. Jesus gave up His life for us, and from the grave He was raised to life again on the third day. New life rises from the ashes of death.

Today we are celebrating Christ’s victory over all burdens, the gift of eternal life for all who believe in Jesus. Every day, we are now given the chance to rise from the ashes of sin and guilt and can be refreshed and renewed. Remembering that Jesus still loves us and will continue to give us the strength we need.

The main and most important message of Easter is that nothing can harm us – not pain, sin, rejection, betrayal or death – because through believing in Christ we believe that he conquered all these, and we too, can conquer them if we continue to put our faith and trust in Him.

Lord, help me to remember your sacrifice and Resurrection. Help me to let you transform every cross, hardship, worry and burden in my life into joy. Lord, may your joy fill my life and be my strength in all things. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

May God keep you and your families in his hands throughout this Eastertide. Wishing you a happy and safe Easter, love all the staff at All Souls’ xx

Cancer Research UK

Year 6 have chosen to raise money this Lent for Cancer Research UK.

Our charity - of the ways they have chosen to do this is by donating sweets for a

‘Sweet Tombola’ 

which they will be holding after school on Tuesday 5th April 2022. 

Tickets will be 25p or 5 for £1; if you choose a ticket from the lucky bucket that ends in a 0 or a 5, you will win a prize!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Year 6

Reception Memory Walk

Reception helped Mrs Jilks practise for her Memory walk for the Alzheimer’s Charity.  We chose this worthy cause for our class fund raiser.  Thank you for all your donations we managed to raise over £400 pounds!