Hello and welcome to the Pupil Leadership Team!

Here at All Souls’, our voices are heard and valued and together we shape the teaching and learning that happens at our school. The aim of the various teams within the Pupil Leadership Team is to enable the children in our school to have the chance to lead an aspect of our school life through asking questions, giving opinions and leading change. Each leadership team is supported by a linked member of staff who holds regular meetings to allow children to grow in their roles and positively contribute to our school environment and ethos.

“We are very proud to have been voted to be Head Boy and Head Girl this year. Our role is to be key ambassadors for our school by being responsible for showcasing the school from a pupil viewpoint, representing our school at events and being absolute role models to all others inside and outside the classroom.”Ā 


Our role as Chaplaincy Team is to support the Catholic life and direction of our school by organising and leading events and collective worship, being role models and encouraging the living out the values and virtues, and leading charitable and community activities. We feel very privileged to have been chosen to help our school grow as a community of faith.”


“Through a democratic voting process, we have been elected to represent our classes at a whole school level to initiate and inspire change and development. We are responsible for collating the voice of pupils and our classes to be represented at meetings, participating and leading in assemblies and whole school events and taking a lead role in the development of the school.”



“As a team, we monitor various aspects of the school and give pupil feedback on teaching, learning and the curriculum. We do this by attending meetings to discuss teaching, learning and the curriculum, collating the viewpoints of our peers and represent them and participate in monitoring activities.”


“We are the Eco Squad and we address environmental issues, promote sustainability and reduce waste and energy consumption. Through attending meetings to evaluate the eco status of the school, carrying out eco assessments of the school and environment and promoting and organising eco-activities and initiatives, we hope to make our school a more environmentally friendly place by looking after all that God has created.”


” We are proud to be ambassadors and role models for sport and fair play. We support the organisation of equipment, help to organise and assist with sporting events, promote cohesive and fair play during break and lunch times and ensure that equipment is cared for and well organised.”



“As part of the Digital Council leadership teams, we provide feedback and support the education and safe use of technology in our school. To do this, we attend meetings, evaluate e-safety within our school, promote and organise awareness of keeping safe online and review and assist in the development of the e-safety curriculum.”



“We are the House Captains of


Our role is to motivate and challenge children within each house to earn and record their house points. We act as role models to them. Each week, we collect house point totals and report these during assembly.”



“We promote and role model positive behaviours in our school. In pairs, we are each assigned to support a particular class, encouraging their positive behaviour particularly in assembly, at the end of break times and during wet breaks.”