Our Class – Reception



This website and blog will help you to keep to date with everything we do in Reception. There will be information about the children’s learning as well  as keeping you up to date with upcoming events and trips!

If you have any questions, you may find the answers you need below. If there is anything else you would like to ask or comment on, we are there in the mornings and at collection time.

Thank you for choosing All Souls School.  We are very excited to be working with you and your children, and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

Mrs Jilks


Mrs Jilks – Class Teacher and Early Years Leader

Ms Croarken –  Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Some Expectations in Reception

We listen to each other – We expect our children to show respect for the adults and one another by listening to what they have to say and responding appropriately

We look after our things – We expect our children to show respect for our resources, as well as their own and other’s property.

We always try our best – The activities we plan can be easy, when consolidating skills or knowledge, or challenging, when learning something new. Either way, we expect our children to try their best at all times, and we will support them as much as they need.

We always do as we are asked – We expect our children to listen attentively at all times and follow instructions, respond to questions and comments, and demonstrate a positive attitude to learning.

We have fun! –


Summer Term 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the Summer Term.  We are very pleased to be back in school and are looking forward to things getting back to as near normal as possible, for the children.



We will be focusing on our phonic skills.  This will help your child to continue to progress in their reading and writing skills. The children will start to bring home a list of the ‘tricky’ words that they need to learn.  These are the words that do not follow the phonic rules and need to be taught alongside the phonic programme.  Some of the words will be the same words we practised during lockdown.  We have found that some of the children have forgotten them and others are forgetting to use them when writing sentences, so the extra practise we hope will help.



We are continuing to consolidate number knowledge to 10 and then moving onto 20.

The children are learning to count, subtilize, add and subtract, know one more and one less, double, halve and understand number patterns.  Focusing and becoming secure in numbers to 10 will help your child to understand mathematical concepts in the years ahead.


PSED/Understanding the World 

We are starting the term looking at how we can keep fit, healthy and safe.  The children will be finding out about road safety, internet safety and stranger safety. We are going to explore what they need to eat to be healthy and how to look after our teeth.  We will be exercising and thinking about how to keep fit and well.

During the second half of the term we will be looking at travel, places around the world, where our families come from and comparing similarities and differences between countries.



We will be continuing to look at Easter and Pentecost.  We will be celebrating Mary during the month of May. The values and virtues during this half term are loving and compassionate.  We will be helping the children to think about how they can be more loving and compassionate in their lives.


General Information

With the weather warming up please can you make sure your child has a sunhat in school and has sun cream on in the morning.  If you provide a sun cream for school we will help your child to apply it at lunch time.

Reading Books will come out on Monday and will need to return on Friday.

Please remember that Tuesday is PE day and the children will need to wear their PE uniform.


Dates for your diary.

Monday 3rd May Bank holiday school closed.

Monday 17th May Height and Weight in school.

Monday31st May to Friday 4th June School closed for half term.

Monday 7th June School closed Teacher Training Day

Thursday 22nd July School closes for Summer holidays.

Thank You

Mrs Jilks