Hello Everyone,

The children have had a brilliant week and because they have settled in so well, we keep on forgetting that this has only been their first full week in Nursery – so well done children! This week the children have been put into their key worker groups, so if they are a snappy crocodile they are in Mrs McCloskey’s group and if they are a jumpy kangaroo they are with Mrs Schofield. We usually split into groups for P.E, story time, phonics/listening activities and games. The children have also been shown how to self register this week, by finding their name label when they first come in and sticking it to our name tree. On Tuesday the children loved their first P.E lesson with Miss Jade in our school hall. Every Monday the children will be given a new nursery rhyme to keep at home – we encourage the children to learn the rhyme off by heart along with the actions so they can perform it to each other at Nursery. Next week we will continue to look at our All About Me posters and talk about our families. If you haven’t already done so could you complete the media consent form on our website so I know which photos I can post of the children. Have a lovely weekend and lets hope the sunshine lasts!

The Nursery Team

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