CAFOD – Water of Life Assembly

This Thursday (28th January 2021) CAFOD will be presenting one of their live assemblies. The focus this term is ‘Water of Life.’ These assemblies are important as they are broadcast to all national schools so even though we are all apart, we are still connected.

In this assembly, CAFOD travel to a place called Afar in Ethiopia, one of the hottest regions on earth, to meet people who make long journeys to collect water because it is so scarce.

The Primary assembly is at 9.30am. The link is below and you can access more information including resources

If you cannot access it at 9.30 it will be available afterwards following the same link. The children have accessed these twice since September, so will be used to their format. It would be lovely if in your household you could light a candle and take a few minutes of quiet to listen and respond to the assembly.

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