Occupations and beyond 10!

Reception have been exploring different occupations.  We have been role playing in our Police Station.  The children were very excited to investigate a robbery from the shed.  After taking finger prints we found the thief!

In Mathematics we have been exploring numbers beyond 10 in a variety of different ways.

Traditional Tales

Reception have been enjoying a variety of activities when learning about traditional tales.  They designed baskets for Little Red Riding Hood, wrote recipes and tasted porridge like The Three Bears, built houses out of straw, sticks and bricks like the Three Little Pigs and made puppets of the characters.   Below are just a few of the activities they enjoyed.


Phoneme Update

This week’s phonemes are   i,n,m.d  We will practise these daily on  Monday to Thursday and consolidate on Friday.

In our RE sessions this week we will be looking at the talents that God gave us.  Please could you send in a photograph of your child doing something they are good at.  This might be riding a bike,  baking, dancing, football, colouring etc.

Below are a few photographs of our first week at school.

Thank you for your support.

We went on a walk to find some of the things that God created.

Tesco Trip

Reception had a fantastic trip to Tesco yesterday which was linked to our healthy eating topic.  The children got to look around the store and became staff members for the morning.  They went behind the scenes to look at the stock and got very cold looking in the huge fridge!  We hunted around the fruit and veg to find food on our checklists.  We visited the bread, cheese and fish counters too.  Some children were brave enough to hold a mackerel and a mussel!  We finished off by sampling some of the fruit, veg, bread and cheese, delicious!

IMG_20170517_093740 (2) IMG_20170517_100544 IMG_20170517_102321 IMG_20170517_102325 IMG_20170517_102458 IMG_20170517_102503 IMG_20170517_102713 IMG_20170517_103031 IMG_20170517_103111 IMG_20170517_103121 IMG_20170517_103151 IMG_20170517_103208 IMG_20170517_103245 IMG_20170517_103623 IMG_20170517_103724 IMG_20170517_103855 IMG_20170517_104419 IMG_20170517_104427 IMG_20170517_104636 IMG_20170517_104837 IMG_20170517_105037 IMG_20170517_105108 IMG_20170517_105134 IMG_20170517_105228 IMG_20170517_105412 IMG_20170517_105811 IMG_20170517_105845 IMG_20170517_111259 IMG_20170517_112334 IMG_20170517_112338

Learning in Reception

This week we have been learning how to continue a rhyming string.  The children have really enjoyed listening to lots of Dr Seuss stories (cat in the hat, fox in socks etc).  They also learnt how use a simple program on Education City, matching rhyming words and popping initial sound balloons.

PTDC0162 PTDC0163 PTDC0165 PTDC0166 PTDC0168 PTDC0170 PTDC0171 PTDC0172 PTDC0174 PTDC0176 PTDC0177

We also practised our ball skills, throwing, catching and kicking a ball to our friends in a controlled manner.  We didn’t let the rain stop us going outside!

PTDC0186 PTDC0189 PTDC0190 PTDC0192 PTDC0185

This week:

We have been hearing and saying the initial sound of words.

PTDC0278 PTDC0279 PTDC0280 PTDC0281 PTDC0282 PTDC0286 PTDC0287 PTDC0288 PTDC0289 PTDC0290 PTDC0291

We have created shape pictures and have been talking about their properties.

PTDC0294 PTDC0295 PTDC0296

The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as doctors, nurses and patients and raising money for start a heart.

What a busy/fun week Reception have had!  They have been making friends, learning how to listen, share, take turns & sit on the carpet.  They also met their Year 6 prayer friends and will spend some more time tomorrow getting to know them. I think we will have 30 tired children on Friday (as well as 3 adults).

PTDC0001 PTDC0002 PTDC0004 PTDC0006 PTDC0005 PTDC0008 PTDC0011 PTDC0023 PTDC0036 PTDC0037 PTDC0038 PTDC0050 PTDC0051 PTDC0054 PTDC0084 PTDC0085 PTDC0108 PTDC0111 PTDC0112 PTDC0117 (2) PTDC0172 PTDC0170 PTDC0169 PTDC0167 PTDC0161 PTDC0165 (2) PTDC0158 PTDC0149 (2)