Today we have celebrated St Philomena’s birthday – We discussed how her feast day is on the 10th of August when we are on our Summer Break so we are celebrating today.


We reminded ourselves of St Philomena’s story and the icons associated with her. We learnt about St Philomena’s cords which are worn by Catholics as a belt as a sign of honour to St Philomena. We tested our resilience and learnt a new skill to create our own!

We spoke about how St Philomena is often pictured with an anchor, arrows and lilies. We decided to make our own lilies using our handprints to display on our prayer area and use as part of a special art project.

It was time to head out side and work together as a team to create a collaborative piece of art using natural materials. We collected a range of materials and then decided which would work in the best position to create the anchor shape. We added on two arrows and finished off our art work with some of our handmade flowers. We were so proud of our work and loved showing some of our parents at home time.

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