Happy Easter!

Sending huge Easter blessings from all of the staff here at All Souls to each and every family. It is easy to become swept up in the eggs, chocolate, hunts and material side of Easter but let us remember that this season brings much more. As we enter Eastertide, let us be filled with hope of the resurrection of Jesus.

May we remember that in the darkest of times, light will overwhelm and endure. We have had dark times, times when it was easy to lose our way and get caught up in the darkness and gloom that has arisen over the last year but may we, like Jesus, rise up to be strong in faith, have trust in God and spread love to one other.

So as we celebrate this most wondrous event let us remember that ‘Love is stronger than hate. Hope is stronger than despair. Life is stronger than death. And nothing is impossible with God.’

Have a happy and blessed Easter from your All Souls’Family x

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