Heights of Abraham – Year 3

Year 3 had a very busy day at the Heights of Abraham. We ventured to Matlock, Derby today. A big thank you to Mr. Cooke, Mrs. Rae, and Mr. Youson for driving. We took a cable car up to the top, with spectacular views. Lots of the children and adults had to overcome a fear of heights and be brave (101 pledge – Overcome a fear- check).

Once at the top, Year 3 had the opportunity to look and hear about different types of rock. We were extremely lucky and they gave us a crystal to take back to school.


Next, we made our way to the fossil factory. In the Fossil Factory Exhibition, we learnt about life millions of years ago and came face to face with a dinosaur fossil.

Then, we went down into The Great Masson Cavern. We heard about the cavern’s 300 million-year-old history and saw the cavern in the glow of a single candle to the whole chamber being flooded with light.

We all had a very exciting day and will sleep well tonight. Year 3 represented All Souls’ fantastically and serval members of the public commented on their behaviour and manners.


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