How does my child access all of their work on mobile or tablet?

Once you have logged in correctly please follow these steps to view the work assigned to your child.

  1. Scroll until you can see the school work your child needs to complete. Click on this.
  2. You should now see documents and/or videos for your child to read or watch.
  3. Once opened you can zoom in to read them better.
  4. Once you have finished reading or listening to the instructions then work can be completed in the child’s exercise books.
  5. Once it is completed in the exercise book then a photo of the work should be taken and added to the ‘My Work’ document found back on the Classroom tab of Google Classroom. – more help about this can be found here
  6. If the work has been set to be completed online rather than in exercise books then you should open the appropriate document and submit it online – more help doing this can be found here.