Magic Magnets

Hello Everyone,

The children have had great fun this week exploring with magnets and finding out which materials stick to them – they have also loved doing tricks with them by making magets attach to other magnets without touching them. We have also been thinking about different forms of transport with wheels which led onto a big discussion about whether aeroplanes, rockets, hellicopters and hot air balloons have wheels – we found some amazing videos on youtube, particularly of rockets and hot air balloons taking off and landing. To encourage the children to do more mark making and writing we give the children a writing challenge every week. Last week the children had a go at writing shopping lists and this week they had a go at writing class registers ( what they produce may look like squiggles and lines to you, but to them they have written everyone’s name!). Next week our letter of the week is ‘i’. On Wednesday Nursery will be having a short prayer service and chat with Father Paul via Zoom which we are looking forward to. In P.E the children have been practicing a Christmas dance which we are going to video and put on our website so we would like the children to come into Nursery on this day dressed in their special party clothes or Christmas jumpers – I will put a reminder on our easel outside the Nursery entrance, nearer the time. Have a good weekend and stay warm!

The Nursery Team


 Exploring with magnets

Magic magnet wands

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