As part of our Geography unit: ‘Journeys and Trade’; Year 6 visited the local allotments to learn about how our food is grown and the journey it takes to get to our plates. We were shown around the allotments by local allotment owners Mr Kirrane and Mr Johnson and we learnt about sowing, composting, fertilising, growing and storing vegetables. We also learnt about the journey that our fruit and vegetables take thereafter, when they are sold to Coventry Market and arrive on our plate.

We saw lots of home-grown beetroot, parsnips, onions and potatoes and we also picked fresh apples and blackberries from the trees. Mr Kirrane gave us all our own potato to take home and we have created potato characters which we will be using as inspiration for writing our diary entries in next week’s lesson.

Thank you for showing us around your allotments Mr Kirrane and Mr Johnson and for teaching us so much about locally grown produce! We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon with you!

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