Year 6 Children walking to and/or from school unaccompanied

This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, it has not been possible for us to allow children to walk to and/or from school unaccompanied. We do, however, recognise that, as part of the transition process to life at secondary school, it is important that children develop the confidence and independence to make their way to and from school. We have therefore made the decision, for the remainder of the academic year, to allow children who are in Year 6 to do this.

Any Year 6 parents who wish for their children to walk to and/or from school unaccompanied should follow the link below, read the information and then complete the declaration.  Without this being completed we will, unfortunately, not be able to release your child at the end of the day, unless an adult is present.

Please also note that, at present, it is only Year 6 children that we will be allowing to walk to/and or from school unaccompanied.

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