Advent Day

Happy New Year!

Resources for Advent – Catholic Current

Today, Year 6 came together to celebrate the beginning of Advent 2020. We started off our day with a virtual whole school assembly in which we were reminded of the importance of this special season.

Sermon Series - Jesus Is Coming — Cornerstone Church Long Beach

Our RE lesson today taught us about the dual meaning of Advent: the countdown to Jesus’ birthday but also the anticipation of his second coming. We talked about how we need to be ready in our hearts and minds for when this day comes and therefore need to spend time this Advent strengthening our relationships with ourselves, eachother and God through prayer and kindness. We created some posters to display around the school to advertise the true meaning of Advent to the other year groups.

During the afternoon, we used our watercolour skills to paint a variety of leaves to make an Advent wreath for our display board.

We also took it in turns to build our class wreath for our prayer focus.

In Year 6 this Advent, we are being Secret Saints. The class Advent calendar that we created together will reveal an act of kindness per day; we will be making a conscious effort to fulfill each of these tasks towards the friend we have been secretly given.

We are looking forward to celebrating this special season together.

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