Advent Day!

What a wonderful day to celebrate the beginning of Advent!

Year One started the morning by joining with the rest of the school for assembly and then went on an adventure to find evergreen, holly and different foliage for our wreath. We discussed using green as a sign of new life and evergreen to show Jesus’ love for us never ends. We went to visit the Prayer Garden at our Church and collected lots of items for our wreath. Thank you Father Paul.

We made the wreath together as a class and took one down to Mrs Cannon and Mrs Rae to make sure they all had a reminder of Advent down in the office space. We were also lucky enough to have our own class prayer service with Fr Paul! He came to us live in the classroom and shared the gospel focus for the first week of Advent with us as well as taught us a little more about the wreath. We really enjoyed having our priest visit our classroom (even if it was a little different).

A great start and focus on the true meaning of this special time of year.

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