Thirteenth Week of Home Learning for Year Four

It is hard to believe that there is only one full week of school left until the end of this academic year. Week by week, the children in Year 4 have continued to impress us with the completion of Home Learning tasks and we are very proud of them.

As usual, Roman has worked extremely hard. He used his neatest, joined up handwriting to copy out the poem, ‘The Crocodile’, before drawing his own image of the crocodile. He practised spelling words by playing ‘Hangman’ and scored full marks on the spelling test. Roman answered reading comprehension questions accurately and he demonstrated that he knows when to use ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. In R.E., he drew a lovely picture of Father Paul before listing some of his responsibilities and then, in art, he created a wonderful collage of the activities he has undertaken during this period of lockdown. Also, he completed various mathematics activities. Well done, Roman!

Lily has also been busy. In English, after watching a short animation of the children’s game ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, she described the character of ‘Paper’. In science, she chose to research the ‘snow leopard’ which is an endangered species. Lily wrote about why the snow leopard is endangered and how we can help support this animal. She, too, scored full marks on the spelling test and, in art, she created a wonderful collage. Good girl, Lily!



*Year One Home Learning* WB 29.06.20

Thank you to the children and parents who have sent in work this week. These three superstars not only sent in work this week but also joined in with our Zoom Maths lesson on Monday. We went back to multiplication and division and worked together to remember the strategies we use to solve these number problems.

Abbie has produced a beautifully write postcard from Paddington to Aunt Lucy and illustrated with her own drawing of Paddington Bear himself. From our History learning this week Abbie chose to set up her own role play and looked after her teddies just like Florence Nightingale looked after the soldiers. She also worked really hard on answering multiplication and division word problems. Well done Abbie!

Emily worked really hard on her postcard from Paddington to Aunt Lucy. After thinking about what she wanted to say and the key events from the book, Emily wrote a beautiful postcard explaining all the adventures that she (as Paddington) had got up to. She even created a landmark front for her postcard, just like you’d buy in a shop. A fantastic piece of writing. Well done Emily!

Another week of hard work from Grace, having focused on her maths and English she moved on to look at the work of Florence Nightingale and made a lamp our of paper craft in the style of a lamp she would have held. Grace also made her own playdough this week, following a recipe and set of instructions. To finish the week, Grace looked at the famous London landmarks and decided to focus on Wembley as her chosen landmark to create a fact file including all the key facts she had researched. Well done Grace!

Home Learning Update for Year Four

Year 4 have continued to work extremely hard over the last couple of weeks.

I am so impressed with the standard of work that I received from Charlie. It is evident, from looking through the pictures of his work, that he has been trying hist best and, as a result of this, has produced excellent work.

In R.E., Charlie wrote a thoughtful prayer to Mary asking her to look after his friends and family during this difficult time. He decorated it beautifully with a set of rosary beads and flowers. Then, Charlie shared his prayer with members of his family.

Also, Charlie decided to learn more about our class saint, Padre Pio. He presented the information that he found clearly.


Charlie drew an image to illustrate one of Jesus’s sayings, ‘I am the Door.’ From looking at the image he has drawn, it is clear that Charlie understands what Jesus means by this.

In English, Charlie wrote a Kennings poem about one member of staff at school. I think that he has described this staff member perfectly and his poem made me smile when I read it.

Also, Charlie wrote a ‘Lockdown’ acrostic poem. Within his poem, he has told us some of the activities that he has enjoyed during this period of time. I particularly like how he has written each line in a different colour. It made me think of a rainbow which has become a well-known symbol of this time.

In Science, Charlie created a factfile about an endangered species. He decided to find out about pandas. I agree with him that we must all try to use less paper in order to help protect this species.

Charlie created a great piece of art work which he is proud of.

In every piece of work of Charlie’s that I have seen, he has used beautifully neat handwriting. Look at how well he has written the poem ‘The Crocodile’ in pen. Well done, Charlie! I am very pleased with your efforts!


Ffion has been busy creating a collage of some of the things that she has been doing during lockdown. I like how she has used a mixture of black and white and colour photographs. This piece of art work will be something that Ffion can keep and look back on.

Like Charlie, Eva has been finding out about an endangered species but she chose to research elephants. I think the elephant that Eva has drawn is superb and she has given us a few ways in which we can help to save elephants. Good girl, Eva!

Olivier has been trying hard to use his neatest handwriting. In maths, he has been practising his recall of multiplication and division facts of the 12 times tables. In RE, he studied the roles and responsibilities of a priest and, in English, he has accurately answered comprehension questions. Well done, Olivier!

Alicja always works incredibly hard and she produced some great work this week.

Oliver has been working hard. He has answered reading comprehension questions well and he has demonstrated   that he knows and understanding the difference between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. In R.E., Oliver drew a lovely picture of Father Paul before listing some of the things that he is responsible for. He has practised playing the guitar with his brother, Frank, and he has been exercising with him and his sister, Julia. Good boy, Oliver!


Year 3’s Home Learning!

A big well done to Phoebe, Eujhan and Eden Mc for sending in some more brilliant work! I love seeing what you’ve been up to so keep it coming!

Phoebe has been hard at work in all subjects and has been working particularly hard with her spellings – well done and keep it up!

Eujhan has been working hard in RE, English and maths. He’s done some fabulous work on Saint Paul and has been working hard in his maths and English lessons too!

Eden has also been hard at work and produced a wonderful project on Ancient Egypt.

Well done and keep up the hard work!



*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 12*

We started off this week in the best possible way: a virtual shared celebration of the Good Shepherd Mass at St. Chad’s Cathedral with Archbishop Bernard and Dan and Emily from One Life Music.

Here is William and Hannah watching the mass and a thoughtful post-mass reflection from Hannah that completely sums up what a beautiful mass it was to be a part of:



Here is what Molly has been getting up to! Check out her concoction of liquids from her Science experiement:

Video Video_1

Helena has also been busy this week. I love her reflection on what All Souls’ Church means to her:


Niamh has been as busy as ever:

If you fancy having a go at following her origami instuctions to make a heart, read them here!

Here is some of Frank’s work:

Year 6 have also been busy responding to Fr. Paul’s request about explaining what All Souls’ Church means to them. We have received some really lovely responses:




Erin E



Year 5 Work Update

Thank you to all those who continue to share the excellent work taking place at home.

Here is:

Darci’s 100 word writing challenge and self-portrait:

Niko’s research into the International Space Station:

Daniel G’s artwork from a dot:

Lola W’s 100 word story:

Cerys’ decimal work and artwork starting from a dot:

Hope you all have an excellent week!

Year One Home Learning – Weeks 10 and 11

Thank you to all the parents who continue to send work in showing all that their children have been up to. It is wonderful to see so many of them still working hard, despite the motivation wearing a little thin at the moment.

Alannah has been busy working on her artistic skills. Throughout the year Alannah showed her art skills and creativity in lessons but her time at home as meant she can work on these even further and I think you’ll agree they are absolutely incredible. Alannah is attending online sessions with the National Art Gallery and creates beautiful pieces of artwork based around a specific theme of the week. It is wonderful to see Alannah using her God given talents and I cannot wait to see her new masterpieces over the next few weeks. Well done Alannah!

A few weeks ago the children were tasked with creating a habitat in their garden or local space for a hedgehog. After many weeks of patiently waiting Evie’s special hedgehog hotel got a visitor. A big hedgehog came to rest his head for a little while and Evie very kindly bought him some food to munch on whilst he rested. Evie also had fun creating a lava lamp. The Year One children are now working on their ‘working scientifically’ skills for the next few weeks and have been tasked with performing some experiments of their own at home. Evie chose the lava lamp experiment and it turned out to be very successful. Well done Evie!

George has been as busy as ever! He worked on his maths and conquered the tricky topic of time. He also took his art materials out with him on a walk and created a lovely summer tree piece of artwork. He also spent time writing his own traditional style tale about a troll ad a fairy, with beautiful cursive writing and some great choices of vocabulary! George has continued to practise his cursive writing and phonics which has meant the work he is producing is presented beautifully and spelt correctly. Well done George!

The week wouldn’t be complete without an update from Grace. Once again Grace has worked incredibly hard at home completing maths, English, science, RE… You name it, Grace has given it a go. Grace continues to work hard on her cursive handwriting and is always searching for more challenges to be had. For our cityscapes focus, Grace chose a local landmark the Whittle Arches and had a brilliant go at sketching them from a photograph. Well done Grace! Another great week!

*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 11*

Rebecca has made a lovely start with this week’s tasks, setting very high standards with her superb efforts and beautiful presentation:

Ethan has been practising his origami skills with his beautiful lotus flower, working his way through lots of maths and finding out more about his chosen charity, the RSPCA:

He has also been busy working his way through his transition booklet:

Niamh has also been busy with her maths this week, doing more than what is asked of her, which is great to see:

Here is a selection of Hannah’s work:

And also Molly’s efforts this week:

Here is what Erin E has been up to – lovely to see more of her photogrpahy skills too:

Tenth Week of Home Learning for Year Four

We have enjoyed looking at the work that some of Year 4 have sent in this week.

As well as completing all of the home learning tasks set, Ffion baked some cookies (which look delicious) and she went on lots of walks with her sisters. I am very impressed with her photography skills – I think that she has taken some lovely pictures of various flowers. Well done, Ffion!

Lily has had yet another busy week. She practised the weekly spellings before scoring full marks on the spelling test. Also, she answered comprehension questions well, and she planned a route around her local area which she could walk or cycle. In R.E., she decided to learn more about our class saint, Padre Pio. Keep up the great work, Lily!









































































Roman has worked hard. In art, he drew a picture of an eye which looks realistic. In maths, he compared and ordered numbers. In grammar and punctuation, he practised identifying and using articles and determiners. After measuring out the length of the large intestine and the small intestine, Roman was surprised to learn that the small intestine is actually longer than the large one. Also, he answered comprehension questions and scored full marks on the spelling test. Another excellent week, Roman!



Year 2 home learning

A huge thank you and well done to the boys who sent their work to me this week! Joseph has written me a letter about his half term, learnt about Pentecost, completed his spellings and maths work and created a fact file on Mary Seacole.

JJ has answered his reading questions, written a newspaper report about a wishing well, learnt about communities and finished some maths work!

Nicholas has completed some maths work, sent me a picture of his plant which is growing (well done!!) and sorted some materials. This is only some of the things he sent me- Well done!

Lovely to hear from you all again.