Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day – a lesson has been posted on Google Classroom that your child should be taking part in.

There are so many new apps and games that children are using now that is hard to keep up and know the risk associated with them all or how to make them safer to use. On our website I have added information about many of the new and popular apps and games that children are using like Tiktok, Instagram and Among Us. They provide you with the risks associated with these apps or games and some safety tips for you to follow to help keep your child safe whilst using them. Please click on the link below to view them.

Tip of the Day

Set an example

Show your child how you question and evaluate online content….

If you come across a fake news story, or get sent a phishing email, discuss with your child how you spotted it and what you did. Why not ask them for a second opinion? Your child may have already heard about it or seen something similar, and if not, it’s a learning opportunity for both of you. Seeing a parent actively question and evaluate online content teaches young people the importance of doing the same.


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