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This morning, the children in Year 1 enjoyed listening to the story of Digiduck and the Magic Castle.

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The story focuses on Digiduck and some of his friends playing an online game. This story raised conversations about aspects of gaming such as:

  • how to tell if real money can be spent
  • keeping personal information, such as passwords, safe
  • what makes a strong password and
  • who we should tell if we see something on an online game that worries us or makes us feel sad.

Here are examples of some of the children’s work identifying who they would tell if they saw something on an online game that upset them:

The children imagined that Digiduck had been sent an unkind message by another user on the online game. They wrote kind messages to Digiduck to make him feel better. Here are some examples:

The children were very engaged and keen to learn about how to keep safe when using online games.

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