Safer Internet Day 2022 research findings revealed - UK Safer Internet  Centre

To celebrate Safer Internet Day 2022, we kicked off the morning by sharing in an assembly with the rest of KS2 exploring respect and online relationships.

This year’s theme ‘All fun and games?’ got us discussing the best parts of being online: video calling friends and family, chatting with our friends, learning new things, watching videos and playing games.

We focused more on online gaming, exploring what we gain from online gaming and also the dangers. After naming our alien friend from Planet Gnimag, ‘Enilno’, we told him (and Mrs Hartwell who may as well have been an alien when it came to online gaming) all about the fantastic benefits it has to offer but also warned them both about the dangers and risks it poses. We decided it was best to give them both some of our best advice!

Here are some of our favourite ideas about how YOU can #PlayYourPart this year!

Remember, a safer internet isn’t just something we should celebrate for one day; we all need to play our part to promote it all year round!

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